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Far Out and Tubular
Saturday, March 20, 1999 — 5:27am (PST)

Hear Rob's Call from Base Camp
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We have all made it to the Base Camp in the Altai of Mt. Belukha and we're staying in some classic Russian barrels — these Siberian tube-like huts that they invented to withstand the Siberian winters, but it's actually pretty luxurious.

We got in late, everybody's exhausted from two all-nights of travel. We've got a beautiful sauna and we're surrounded by glorious mountains. Not a lot of snow, but a lot of wind, a lot of glaciers up above, and we're kind of excited about the prospects of beginning to explore tomorrow.

All is going well. The food is good so far... [inaudible] ... and we certainly did go through the initiating toasts that were part of the program from the rescue team that we've stationed up here at the base of this mountain, and the Saint Bernard is carefully watching by.

Everyone is in good spirits and we're tired, so we'll call tomorrow and try and get that new number and give you an update with our first day of exploring; this will be tomorrow, but amazingly smooth travel in the middle of nowhere — got us here with airplanes and helicopters and all is well. Bye.

Rob DesLauriers, skier, mountaineer and cinematographer


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