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Jim Zellers 

Arrival in Moscow
Friday, March 19, 1999 — 12pm (PST)

Hear Rob's Call from Moscow
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Hello, this is Rob DesLauriers reporting in from the Altai expedition and everyone has arrived safely in Moscow. We're calling in from Red Square — we're in transit from the international Airport to the domestic where we'll fly overnight to Barnaul. And then we'll take a helicopter to a small town and then into Base Camp tomorrow where we'll report in.

Everyone is in very good spirits. It's an excellent team: Jim Zellers, Kasha Rigby and Scot Schmidt flew in from the States; and Kit Katzenbach, Ace Kvale, John Falkiner, Rob DesLauriers and Fred Jacobi made it in from Europe. We're here with our Russian guides Nicolai and Yuri and we're beginning the trek.

We're very excited, in good spirits and everything is A.O.K. and we will talk to you tomorrow from central Siberia and hopefully the Base Camp at the Altai Mountains in Lake Baikal.

Rob DesLauriers, skier, mountaineer and cinematographer


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