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Everest 2000 is your definitive source for online Everest coverage. This page is a directory of all the stories related to Mount Everest, from live cybercasts of the '97, '98, '99, '00, '02, '03, and 2004 climbs, to interviews and profiles of climbers, scientific information, an array of features and multimedia presentations...

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Mountain-Link Expedition
"Our summit day was perfect, no wind, nothing. However, my socks were a bit damp. I thought I was getting blisters on my big toes, later realizing my feet were a bit cold..."


Youngest American to Summit
MZ follows two teams on Everest. On the north side, 20 year old Jess Roskelley becomes the youngest American to successfully climb Everest. On the South Col side, another team experiences "a superb summit day with almost no wind..."

Skiing Everest
Maegan Carney attempts to make the first complete ski descent from summit to base camp on Everest. Find out what happens...


Everest 2002
Famed big-mountain guide Willie Prittie leads the Alpine Ascents International American South Col Expedition with a team that includes legendary mountaineer Vern Tejas and climber Al Hanna. Hanna, at nearly 72, has already climbed six of the Seven Summits, and has reached 28,000 feet on Everest multiple times....

Everest 2000
From the Alpine Ascents International American South Col Expedition to Italian Simone Moro's attempt to complete an Everest-Lhotse traverse via a new route, for the fourth consecutive year offers the most compelling interactive reporting of climbing expeditions to the world's highest peak. Day-to-day and hour-by-hour, get the drama of Everest right here.


Everest 1999North and South Side Expeditions
Join as we accompany world-renowned high-altitude climbers on two separate, simultaneous attempts on the world's highest peak. The attempts will be made from opposite sides of the mountain: Eric Simonson leads an expedition on the North Ridge in Tibet, and Pete Athans is leading a climb on the South Col route in Nepal.

Everest Marathon
The World's Highest Altitude Marathon. Expect a personal worst...


American Scientific Everest Expedition Follow Wally Berg's team with daily photos, video, and audio satellite dispatches from the climbers.

"I felt pressure because of limited oxygen supply and just the situation of being alone and not wanting to come down the mountain behind everybody else..." — Wally Berg, Expedition Leader

North Side Expedition

Dispatches from mountain guide Dave Hahn, leader of the 1998 International Mountain Guides' North Side team.

The Trek to Basecamp
Todd Burleson cybercasts an Alpine Ascents guided trek through the Khumbu Valley of Nepal.

Ed Viesturs and IMAX Everest IMAX EVEREST

  • Ed Viesturs Interview

  • Dave Breashears Interview


    How High Is Everest?
    Data collected on the '98 Everest Expedition suggests there may be no 29,000 foot peaks.

    Quiet Hardguy Wally Berg
    The four-time Everest summiter keeps a low profile, and keeps getting to the top.

    Anatoli Boukreev killed on Annapurna Anatoli Boukreev Killed on Annapurna
    The legendary climber died in an avalanche during a winter ascent—story; climbing resume; rare audio and photos; his last interview; and worldwide responses to his death.


    Alpine Ascents Expedition
    Multimedia cybercast follows Todd Burleson's team with daily photos, stories, and audio satellite dispatches from the climbers.

    "I've been to Everest eight times now, and it never ceases to amaze me that you are always, always facing the great unknown..." — Todd Burleson, Mountain Guide

    Anatoli Boukreev Interview
    Exclusive interview with the legendary Himalayan climber as he prepared to lead the Indonesian team to the first summit of the year.

    Everest Northside The North Side Route
    Mountain guide Eric Simonson gives the blow by blow on the other side of Everest.

    The Trek to Base Camp
    Photos and daily journal of the classic trek from Kathmandu through the Himalayas of Nepal. Rich in culture, lore, and climbing history.


    What Really Happened In The Thin Air
    Jon Krakauer debates the 1996 tragedy with guides Anatoli Boukreev and Lopsang Sherpa.

    "The night was overpoweringly empty. The black silhouette of Lhotse lurked half-sensed, half-seen, still below. Mostly there was nothing. We hung suspended in a timeless void. Intense cold penetrated... nothing to do but shiver and wait for the sun to rise." — Tom Hornbein, 1963 bivy at 28,000'

    Neal Beidleman and Everest 1996 Climbers Gather to Sort Out '96 Tragedy
    Includes audio from Tom Hornbien, Neal Beidleman, Anatoli Boukreev and Charlotte Fox.

    Scott Fischer's Last Climb
    Bulletins hit the Web days before traditional news sources picked up the story. Over a dozen climbers missing after dark on Everest.

    Lopsang Sherpa Killed in Avalanche
    Lead climbing sherpa on Fischer's team dies months later on Everest. Archived video with Lopsang.

    Audio of Scott Fischer from Kilimanjaro
    Hear Fischer's satellite phone from a cybercast climb on Kilimanjaro in January 1996.

    Playing Scott Fischer
    Interview with Peter Horton who portrayed Scott Fischer in the ABC movie, Into Thin Air: Death on Everest.

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