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Satellite phone updates from the 1998 American Everest Expedition

Back In Time For Pancakes
Friday, May 22, 1998 — Base Camp (17,500')

Hear Charles Corfield's call from Base Camp
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Four time Everest summiter Wally Berg
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(photo: Corfield)
Hello Mountain Zone this is Charles Corfield. It is Friday, 22nd of May. It is late morning at base camp. I'm pleased to be able to report that Wally has come down through the Icefall early so that he could get his pancakes from Chhongba. He was quite determined that he was not going to miss them this morning. We've all had breakfast together and exchanged greetings and some of the stories off the mountain.

As I now speak, some of the Sherpas are carrying down enormous loads from Camp II and Camp I. Dorjee just appeared carrying no less that four oversized duffel bags on his back. If there is one time you're going to be completely impressed about what the Sherpas can do, this is it: cleaning the mountain. The loads they bring down are just unbelievably large.

Some of us will start walking down towards Thyangboche tomorrow, all being well, and we'll all meet up again in Kathmandu. Perhaps this is surprising to people out there who have been following us: the expedition was on the mountain for what seems like a very long time; breaking down Camp and the departure all happens in a matter of just a few days, and then base camp returns to its deserted, desolate self, or rather very few mementos of any kind remain at base camp to reflect all the activity and all the frenetic two to three months, depending on the expedition.

When Wally has rested up some, I will prevail upon him to give you an account of his dramatic summit day where he was able to get to the Bishop Rock and complete the numero-uno objective of the expedition which was to mount and run the Trimble 4800 GPS receiver along with various other receivers running in the area. It's a good story. I'm going to check out now. This is Charles Corfield, Everest base camp.

Charles Corfield, Expedition Science Manager