Daily Dispatches
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Dave Hahn reports from the ongoing International Mountain Guides climb on the north side.

Archived trek dispatches from the climbing expedition's approach to base camp.

Archived dispatches from the Alpine Ascents commercial trek through the Khumbu Valley.

Chamber of Horrors: The Oxygen Mask
Thursday, May 21 — Base Camp
Charles Corfield describes what it's like to climb for 12 hours on supplemental oxygen.

The Summit Bid Blow By Blow
Thursday, May 21 — Base Camp
Charles Corfield describes the step by step of a summit bid, the team's experience on the aborted climb of the 19th, and the science that was accomplished by their expedition.

An Excellent Day On Everest
Wednesday, May 20 — 2:30am PST
Wednesday, May 20 — 3:15pm Nepal Time
Berg has safely descended to the South Col bringing down with him a coffee thermos he left at the South Summit last year.

Berg Descending Past South Summit; Other Summiters Confirmed
Tuesday, May 19 — 11:30pm PST
Wednesday, May 20 — 12:15pm Nepal Time
Berg has gotten fresh oxygen at the South Summit and sounds good on the descent. Other summiters today confirmed.

Wally Berg and Sherpas on the Summit
Tuesday, May 19 — 10:30pm PST
Wednesday, May 20 — 11:15am Nepal Time
Berg has made his fourth successful summit climb on Everest and appears to have completed the GPS science work for Brad Washburn and the Boston Museum of Science.

Past The South Summit
Tuesday, May 19 — 5:45pm PST
Wednesday, May 20 — 6:30am Nepal Time
Apa Sherpa is currently leading the dangerous traverse between the South Summit and the Hillary Step where yesterday's climbers turned around.

Berg and Sherpas on The Balcony
Tuesday, May 19 — 2:05pm PST
Wednesday, May 20 — 2:50am Nepal Time
At 27,500', climbers feel good and are moving fast.

Second Summit Bid Underway
Tuesday, May 19 — 10am PST
Tuesday, May 19 — 11:45pm Nepal Time
Wally Berg has just left the South Col for the summit with a couple of extremely strong Sherpa, including Apa Sherpa, a seven time Everest summitter.

Climbers Turn Around
Monday, May 18 — 10pm PST
Tuesday, May 19 — 11:45am Nepal Time
Running into conditions requiring more gear than had been anticipated above the South Summit, the climbers turned around before reaching the top. Wally Berg plans to attempt a second summit bid tomorrow.

Just Below The South Summit
Monday, May 18 — 6:30pm PST
Tuesday, May 19 — 7:15am Nepal Time
Eric Simonson reports the climbers are approaching the South Summit at 28,700'. They are still climbing strong and are within an hour or so of the true summit.

Climbers On The Balcony
Monday, May 18 — 2:50pm PST
Tuesday, May 19 — 3:35am Nepal Time
The team is at 27,500', feeling strong and climbing fast.

Over 30 People Attempting the Summit
Monday, May 18 — 11:45pm Nepal Time
Other expeditions on the upper mountain include the first ever Iranian team.

Climbers Leave South Col for the Summit
Monday, May 18 — 11:30pm Nepal Time
The American Everest Expedition climbers have begun their summit attempt.

Sherpa Injured on the Mountain
Monday, May 18 — 10pm Nepal Time
Pemba Sherpa appears to have broken his leg below Camp III.

Climbers Have All Moved Up A Camp
Monday, May 18 — 9:30pm Nepal Time
Currently sleeping at the South Col, the climbers plan to wake for a summit bid within an hour.

Summit Attempt Within 48 Hours
Sunday, May 17 — Base Camp
Climbers are in Camp II and Camp III, positioning themselves for a summit attempt. Wally Berg will not attempt the summit, choosing rather to coordinate the science routine from the South Col.

Summit Bid Underway
Saturday, May 16 — Base Camp
All climbing members of the expedition have moved up to Camp II with the intent of making a summit bid.

MIT Media Lab on Everest
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's famous Media Lab is working with the Yale Medical School to perform physiological monitoring of the members of the 1998 American Everest Expedition.

Happy Birthday to Andy Fischer
Wednesday, May 13 — Base Camp
As the climbers agonize over gambling on the weather for a summit attempt, they called to say Scott Fischer's son, Andy, is on their minds today.

Ornithology on Everest
Tuesday, May 12 — Base Camp
Some of the only animals seen at altitude, birds have been spotted as high as the South Col and even the summit of Everest.

Thanks For The Mail
Tuesday, May 12 — Base Camp
The team would like to express their appreciation for all the encouraging emails sent their way.

Like A Freight Train
Monday, May 11 — Base Camp
Storms continue to roll over Everest, threatening camps on the upper mountain.

Sherpas Holding Down the Fort In Snow Storm
Sunday, May 10 — Base Camp
Three Sherpas on the upper mountain are keeping the team's Camp II and III in working order as the climbers delay the summit bid for a day because of high winds and snowfall.

The Plan for a Summit Attempt
Saturday, May 9 — Base Camp
Berg relays that the team had hoped the 13th would be an auspicious day for their summit but that weather dictates the 15th, so the team will begin moving up the mountain on Monday.

Old Oxygen Bottles and New Drills
Wednesday, May 6 — Base Camp
Sherpas continue to bring down old oxygen bottles, and everyone's waiting to see what the MIT folks have in their high-tech grab bag.

The Julia Child Test
Wednesday, May 6 — Base Camp
Like Julia's whisk vs. electric mixer test, the Sherpas prove to be faster with a hand cranked drill than the battery powered, specially designed one for the summit experiments.

First Ever Weather Forecasts from Everest
Tuesday, May 5 — Base Camp
Berg is in base camp; Sherpas are carrying to the South Col; and the new weather station will provide the first direct weather forecasts for the summit bid.

Fattening Up in Base Camp
Tuesday, May 5 — Base Camp
Berg is the last of the climbers to descend, and all will rest for a few days before attempting a summit bid.

Back From Camp III
Monday, May 4 — Base Camp
All the climbers have spent two nights without oxygen at Camp III and are descending to rest. High winds reported on the upper mountain.

Multimedia Camp III
The climbing team should have attempted their first climb to Camp III today. Streaming video, audio, and transcript of what it's like on the steep Lhotse Face at 23,500'.

Multimedia Camp II
Streaming video of what it's like to walk through the Western Cwm to Camp II at 21,000'

Continuing to Clean Up Everest
Wally Berg on the buy-back program and how his and other expeditions are working to clean up the mountain. FEATURING... the much wondered about bathroom issue.

Through the Khumbu Icefall
Greg Wilson describes a trip through the most feared part of the route.

The Milky Way from 17,000'
Wednesday, April 29 — Base Camp
Wally Berg makes a 4am call to describe the brilliant night before he heads into the icefall.

Happy 58th to the Washburns
Tuesday, April 28 — Base Camp
Anniversary wishes from the American Everest Expedition in base camp.

Setting Out For Camp III
Tuesday, April 28 — Base Camp
Wally Berg reports the expedition is planning to set out on their first climb to Camp III tomorrow.

Helicopters and Dust on Crust
Sunday, April 26 — Base Camp
A helicopter reminds of past seasons. Recent snowfall has ceased, but new snow on old ice has created hazardous conditions on the mountain.

A Good Day for Reading
Sunday, April 26 — Base Camp
Corfield and Sherpas practice summit science while heavy snowfall on the mountain shuts down all climbing.

Camp II (21,000') — Advance Base Camp
Friday, April 24
A look at life and lunch at Everest advance base camp.

Measuring the Icefall
Wednesday, April 22 — Base Camp
While climbers acclimate in Camp II, Mencin and Dawa Sherpa take the GPS gear for a spin through the icefall.

Icefall Route Straightforward
Monday, April 20 — Base Camp
Mencin relays news from the climbers at Camp II (21,000').

Simonson & Wilson At Top of Icefall
Friday, April 17 — Base Camp
Charles Corfield called to say the climbers are almost through their first Icefall crossing. (Streaming video.)

What It's Really Like
Thursday, April 16 — Base Camp
Eric Simonson on the fear, anticipation, and excitement of being drawn to Everest again and again.

Plans For Moving Up The Mountain
Thursday, April 16 — Base Camp
Wally Berg lays out the team's plan to move up to Camps I and II for a longer than usual first stay at altitude.

As Though I Never Left
Thursday, April 16 — Base Camp
Nine months ago, Greg Wilson made the call to turn around in jet stream winds on the South Summit, and now considers what it's like to be back for another go at the south side.

The Sherpa as Stone Mason
Wednesday, April 15 — Base Camp
Greg Wilson's story of how base camp is constructed from rocks and tarps.

Even Through a Nuclear Winter
Tuesday, April 14 — Base Camp
Charles Corfield with the scoop on what it takes to keep the generators humming for a cybercast from Everest.

A Visit from Tashi Tenzing
Tuesday, April 14 — Base Camp
Team Sherpas continue their carries to the upper camps, and an old friend drops by base camp.

The First Carry
Monday, April 13 — Base Camp
Sherpas make the first climb through the Khumbu Icefall to begin stocking the upper camps.

Yesterday's Puja
Monday, April 13 — Base Camp
More on the puja with prayer flags brought by the Alpine Ascents trekkers.

The Puja
Sunday, April 12 — Base Camp
A ceremony to show respect to the gods, ask permission to tread in their heights, and bless and protect the expedition.

Giving thanks to Sponsors
Sunday, April 12 — Base Camp
As the Lama prepares the team's puja, Wally Berg thanks the expedition sponsors.

Setting Up House
Friday, April 10 — Base Camp
Moving in to base camp and preparing for the puja.

The approach to base camp through the temples and villages of Nepal's Khumbu Valley