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Base Camp - June 2, 2003; 08.00h NST

""...by being patient we had a superb summit day with almost no wind and the kind of unlimited views only available from the highest mountain in the world."

Comfort in Camp II
Camp II - May 31, 2003; 18.00h NST

"Yes, that's right gang, we're back here at Camp II enjoying some amazing food courtesy of Ang Tsing, and some thicker air."

The Morning After...
Base Camp - May 31, 2003; 08.00h NST

"Well, it's the morning after, and it sounds like everyone up there has hangovers."

It's a Wrap!
Base Camp - May 30, 2003; 19.00h NST

"By the time I'm writing this they will be eating soup and tucking into their sleeping bags with their arms wrapped around a nice orange bottle of oxygen."

Only Half Way
Base Camp - May 30, 2003; 17.00h NST

From the summit, they are only half way. They still have to get back down. With much of the team moving well, one member is finding it difficult. He has lots of support right there with him..."

Base Camp - May 30, 2003; 12.15h NST

"The following Alpine Ascents members, guides, and Sherpas were standing on the top of the world at 12:15 today..."

Radios Back On-line
Base Camp - May 30, 2003; 09.30h NST

"the summit team is just coming up to the South Summit..."

South Summit
Base Camp - May 30, 2003; 08.00h NST

"The team is just below the South Summit at 8:30 am. This is right on, or slightly behind, the schedule of last year's team..."

Chomolungma Dawn
Base Camp - May 30, 2003; 05.00h NST

"Dorjee at the South Col says he can see them above the Balcony..."

Silent Night
Base Camp - May 30, 2003; 02.00h NST

"No news is good news - it means everyone is keeping their mittens on..."

They're Off!
Camp IV (via BC) - May 29, 2003; PM

"It is a beautiful star-filled night with no moon, and very cold..."

Summit Eve
Camp IV - May 29, 2003; PM

"Well gang, two months of hard effort, prayers, struggles, toil, strife, happiness, sadness, it's all coming down to this evening..."

Summit Eve
Base Camp - May 29, 2003; AM

"I made sure all the batteries are as charged up as I can get them for the long night ahead..."

Summit Eve
Camp IV - May 29, 2003; AM

"It stayed windy until well after midnight, and now the winds have moderated significantly at about 15-25 knots..."

Pinned Down by Wind
Camp IV - May 28, 2003

"We're getting hammered by 50 knot gusts..."

Luis Rejoins the Group
Camp IV - May 28, 2003

"I am currently at the South Col after pushing from Camp II to Camp IV yesterday..."

Wind, Wind, Blow Away!
Base Camp - May 28, 2003

"Several weather forecasts have indicated that the winds should be dropping at any time now, but I guess someone forgot to tell the wind that..."

8,000 Meters At Last!
Camp IV - May 27, 2003

"The eight hour trip up today was alternately hot and breezy..."

A Fine Day - On to Camp IV
Camp III - May 27, 2003

"I don't think it was cerebral edema but as soon as we turned on our oxygen I heard angels in the background singing 'hallelujah! hallelujah!'..."

Feeling Strong
Camp III - May 26, 2003

"We're looking forward to heading up the mountain to our high camp tomorrow..."

Catching Up
Camp II - May 26, 2003

"Lakpa and I are back up and intend to re-join the group who are safely tucked in at Camp III..."

The Rescue
Base Camp - May 25, 2003

"A Sherpa was being helped downhill by the arm by another Sherpa. But this time was different..."

Camp II: Mixed Results
Base Camp - May 23, 2003

"High winds, conflicting weather reports and many climbers on the mountain will force another day of chess..."

Camp II & Waiting
Base Camp - May 21, 2003

"About 300 people were up at the South Col, many with intentions of going to the summit last night..."

Climbing Everest: Explained
Base Camp - May 19, 2003

"Rebecca Valette emailed us here at Base Camp with several questions regarding climbing route features..."

Window Watchers
Base Camp - May 18, 2003

"No forward fixed rope activity has happened above the South Col. We're a little discouraged by that..."

Russian Recovery
Ama Dablam - May 16, 2003

"If you stress your body, then you need to recover and that's exactly what we're doing..."

Into Thick Air
Pheriche - May 13, 2003

"We started what we call out drawback yesterday..."

Early Summit Jitters
Alex Withdraws
Sightings & Fitness Test
Base Camp - May 10, 2003

Multiple reports today. Some teams at BC are anxious to get to the summit while our team sleeps at Camp III; an AAI team member makes the hard choice to leave the expedition; and some interesting folk are seen on the upper mountain.

Base Camp Secrets
Base Camp - May 09, 2003


Finally at Camp II
Camp II - May 08, 2003

"That nasty old jet stream finally moved north into China and gave us some reasonable weather."

A Day at Base Camp
Base Camp - May 08, 2003

"I thought you might like to hear what goes on in Base Camp when the team is away."

The Wind Still Howls
Base Camp - May 07, 2003

"Camp II reported over the radio that the winds were higher than yesterday."

Early Start Tomorrow
Base Camp - May 06, 2003

"Our plan is to hit the trail up the icefall bright and early, emphasis on early"

Waiting Out the Storm at BC
Base Camp - May 05, 2003

"It was even windy and cold in Base Camp, but nothing like the maelstrom churning just above us..."

Tents Shredded at Camp I
Base Camp - May 04, 2003

"As our cook tent started bursting at the seams, a radio call confirmed the winds would get worse."

High Winds at Camp I
Base Camp - May 03, 2003

"They set a blistering pace up the Icefall today and arrived at Camp I within six hours of departing from Base Camp at 4 o'clock this morning."

Icefall Symphony: Off to Camp III
Base Camp - May 03, 2003

"Our decision has been to go and begin on our acclimatization round out as far as sleeping at Camp III."

More Lovely Snow
Base Camp - May 01, 2003

"We are staying busy, content with the knowledge that we will be moving up in a few days to try to sleep at Camp III."

Snow, Music, Chess & Rest
Base Camp - April 30, 2003

"Today was filled with chess battles between the French and American team..."

Tent Ridden
Base Camp - April 29, 2003

"A rather dreary bone-chillingly cold snowy day today, it snowed all the way down the valleys to below Pheriche..."

Chattin', Grubbin' & Haircuts
Base Camp - April 28, 2003

"Quiet day here in Base Camp. Lots of rest, card games, chess with neighbors..."

An Ominous Rumble
Base Camp - April 27, 2003

"Then there was an ominous rumble. The message was clear: this is a wild and dangerous place, beware."

Getting used to Camp II
Base Camp - April 26, 2003

"Early reports are that everyone is feeling well. There were a few headaches overnight and some not breathing at all and then gasping for breath..."

Views Above Camp I
Base Camp - April 24, 2003

"As they progressed upward, Nuptse and Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world dominated their view... "

Above the Icefall
Base Camp - April 23, 2003

"We successfully traversed the first complete climb of the Khumbu Icefall up to Camp I... "

The Climb Begins
Base Camp - April 22, 2003

"Tomorrow, bright and early, we plan to head up to Camp I... "

Easter & Avalanche
Base Camp - April 21, 2003

"Last nights Easter Party had little to do with our decision not to climb into the icefall today... "

Withstand the Winds
Base Camp - April 20, 2003

"On the weather front we were actually glad we were not up on the mountain here yesterday... "

Are we there yet?
Khumbu Ice Fall - April 19, 2003

"one of the thoughts running thru our heads as we headed up into the actual icefall today... "

Huff and Puff
Khumbu Glacier - April 18, 2003

"We crossed more rickety ladders to get some more practice and some more altitude experience under our belts... "

Of Ice and Ropes
Khumbu Glacier - April 17, 2003

"near our camp is a fabulous place to practice all the techniques that we are going to need... "

Ladder Style
Base Camp - April 16, 2003

"we all challenged each other to see who could cross the ladders with the most style... "

Walk The Plank
Base Camp - April 15, 2003

"We lashed two ten foot ladders together to form a 18 foot bridge over a near by pond to simulate one of the many typical crevasse crossings... "

Puja: The Beginning, The Blessing, and The Hope
Base Camp - April 14, 2003

"Without our sherpa staff, we would be lost in this process. The puja: the time when we all come together as one... "

Base Camp: An International Fraternity of Mountaineers
Base Camp - April 13, 2003

"And though we may have our subtle differences, we over look those for our higher common goal. Drawn from the four corners of earth, this highly motivated and focused group casts politics and persuasions aside to share the camaraderie of climbers..."

Trekkers to Base Camp Today
Gorak Shep - April 12, 2003

"In short, we're feeling great, rearing to go, and we're going to be seeing Base Camp and the Khumbu Icefall today..."

Trekkers Trek, Climbers Rest
Lobuche - April 11, 2003

"We're taking another day here just to make sure we're acclimatized. We went out and did a little exploring in the general vicinity, and were treated to some fabulous views of the upper Khumbu Valley..."

First Report of High-Altitude Sickness
Lobuche - April 10, 2003

"Sad and disturbing news is making its way down the hill to us from Base Camp. Word of a French climber already perishing from high altitude sickness..."

Insane Snarling Yak and Salt Tea
Dingboche - April 9, 2003

"attacked by an insane snarling yak added a bit of excitement to our trek and hurried us along the trail..."

Doughnuts, Email and Hot Showers
Back to Namche - April 6, 2003

"So we have returned to the land of email, doughnuts, and hot showers after a night in Thame, home to our Sidar, Lakhpa Rita Sherpa..."

Adjusting to 12,000 ft
Namche Bazaar - April 3, 2003

"For right now, our time is spent roaming around Namche Bazaar eating doughnuts and scrambled eggs by morning, and taking small hikes in the afternoon..."

Acclimatization Begins
Namche Bazaar - April 1, 2003
Vern Tejas reports on "getting a jump on building those red blood cells..."

Two Tons of Gear and Food
Seattle, WA - March 21, 2003

"We generally send over two tons of gear and food, about 40 boxes of food, from the States to supplement the fresh food that we get directly in Nepal..."