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Honor the Memory, Spirit, and Energy

Conrad Anker

Hello Mountain Zone, this is Conrad Anker. It's the 9th of October, four days after we lost David Bridges and Alex Lowe into a massive avalanche. We're back here at Base Camp getting ready to move on out and make the vast trek back to the United States and to home. And just the usual challenges; we've been presented with a extra bill or something so we had to work through that.

Boudda Sherpa
Alex Lowe
It's been a hard few days for all of us, but life goes on and we all honor the memory and the spirit and the energy of our friends that were so tragically lost on the 5th of October. Not much new from here. Wishing all of you a pleasant weekend and to be kind, to be good and to be safe. This is Conrad from Shishapangma Base Camp. Ciao.

Conrad Anker, Correspondent

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