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Editor's Note: Alpine Ascents International has confirmed that no members of Wally Berg's Kilimanjaro expedition were involved in the crash of a small chartered aircraft which went down Thursday, August 30, 1999 near Mount Meru, Tanzania.

An Amazing End
Friday, September 10, 1999
"...I am going to be blissful about leaving, but I'm going to know I'm going to be back. A really successful season for all the Alpine Ascents climbs that came here...."

Realizing the Accomplishment
Wednesday, September 8, 1999
"The entire group was up there, tired and ragged, and very much knowing that someday they'd appreciate that summit. But at the time, it took everything they had to get up there..."

Final Summit: Tears are Shed
Tuesday, September 7, 1999
"A great adventure, great adventure, that caused us all to dig in deep and really share the commitment that it takes to get up here. Tears were shed once again..."

Good Luck Raven
Monday, September 6, 1999
"...these large, white-necked African ravens, that are present on this mountain so much, one of them always flies near us as we arrive someplace and gives its call...."

South African Climb
Friday, September 3, 1999
"...we met up with a South African team, all from Cape Town, really great fellows...."

Adventure Travel
Thursday, September 2, 1999
"Adventure travel is defined, as I think it should be, by an imagination and a spirit that gets you into something that takes over and becomes bigger than you thought..."

The Big Five
Tuesday, August 31, 1999
"You always want to see 'the big five' and in various lists that's certainly lion, elephant, leopard..."

From Summit to Safari
Friday, August 27, 1999
"...apparently a jackal had killed a flamingo and the hyenas came, of course. It was pretty interesting watching these creatures spar over the game...."

The Mountaineering Spirit
Tuesday, August 24, 1999
"...I can tell you that the camaraderie, the spirit that we all shared up here today is what mountaineering is all about for me...."

The Long, Dark Night
Tuesday, August 24, 1999
"We just went through what I call 'the long, dark night of a climbers consciousness.'..."

Moonlit Summit
Tuesday, August 24, 1999
"...I've been blessed enough to make this summit attempt with a full moon—no head lamps necessary this morning..."

Tea at 15,000 Feet
Tuesday, August 24, 1999
"We have our afternoon tea, of course, and the trekking style that we've adopted, brought over from Nepal, very influenced by the Brits..."

A Smart Team; A Berg Team
Sunday, August 22, 1999
"I have to take some of the good luck factor, put it aside, and also give them credit for them being, besides a very strong team, a very smart team: they like the Berg pace...."

Wally Berg's Acclimatization Rap
Saturday, August 21, 1999
"...when I gave my "Wally Berg acclimatization is not conditioning" rap to this my surprise they were totally into it...."

Good Omens Abound
Saturday, August 21, 1999
"Talk about good omens because as we arrived at Machame, last night, at 9800, through a particularly muddy and cloudy-type climb..."

Down Time in Arusha
Thursday, August 19, 1999
"Sally and I spent a few days wondering around the dusty streets of Arusha...we're ready to get another adventure underway..."

Visiting the Masai
Friday, August 13, 1999
"This is a village that is not visited often, unlike some of the others out past Ngorongoro on the way to Serengeti...."

Upside Down Trees
Friday, August 13, 1999
"The light's just beginning to come through the baobab trees those ancient, upside down trees..."

The Ngorongoro Crater
Friday, August 13, 1999
"We saw a leopard and, in fact, a spot where a leopard had drug a wildebeest kill up into a tree and was spending awhile reaping the benefits of that kill...."

An Impressive Climb
Tuesday, August 10, 1999
"I last talked to you from the summit and I've got to go back a little and fill you in on all that happened yesterday..."

Calling From the Rooftop of Africa
Monday, August 9, 1999
"It's about 15 minutes until nine and I'm calling you from the rooftop of Africa, at Uhuru Peak, 19,340ft...."

4,000 Feet to Go!
Monday, August 9, 1999
"A big adventure upcoming tomorrow. I always admire people so much that undertake these things. It's amazing to watch the determination, the character, the sense of adventure, resolve to see it through, with folks who come here to climb with me...."

Kilimanjaro at Wally's Pace
Sunday, August 8, 1999
"I had to tell the troops, today, that the good news was, it's the heart of the trip and the most beautiful trekking; the bad news was is that we were going to go at my pace—the Wally pace..."

Avocados and Ugali
Friday, August 6, 1999
"I have this deal about how I love the avocados you get in Tanzania. Tobias has been giving me a hard time for years because he says, 'this is woman's food'..."

Missing Luggage
Thursday, August 5, 1999
"Sally, and Helen, and Tom are still back in Arusha with a commitment from South African Air to get those bags down to Arusha today and they'll be here tomorrow...."

The Effects of El Niño
Saturday, July 31, 1999
"We were driving around the Ngorongoro Crater, with everyone standing up in the back of the Land Rover, with the canopy up, just enjoying the feel of Africa going by...."

Safari: The Ugly Contest
Saturday, July 31, 1999
"We will keep you posted on our research, and our discussions, into this issue, that Elizabeth in particular is interested in, as to which creature is actually uglier: a warthog or a wildebeest...."

A Team's Willpower
Wednesday, July 28, 1999
"But I never saw anyone that wasn't absolutely determined to continue and of course the reward was that crater rim..."

Seven-Hour Ascent to Uhuru Peak
Tuesday, July 27, 1999
"I am calling you at about 8 o'clock, a little after 8 o'clock, in the morning from the rooftop of Africa; the summit of Uhuru Peak, 19,340ft...."

The Important Role of the Chagga People
Tuesday, July 27, 1999
"I did want to talk a bit about these Chagga guys that are such an integral part of our efforts here. The last thing I have to say about them is you'll have, no doubt, a lot of admiration for their strength and their dedication to the climbers who come up here..."

Standing Atop the Great Barranco Wall
Tuesday, July 27, 1999
"We arrived here a few moments ago, about a half-hour ago, and watched the sun glistening off the glaciers above—really spectacular view..."

The Trilogy of Volcanoes
Sunday, July 25, 1999
"We'll go slowly on our route—they slept really well here at 12,300ft last night—but all the same, we're taking a rest day here. And tomorrow we'll move on to the base of the Barranco Wall. It'll be probably the most beautiful hike, or trekking part, of the whole trip..."

The Mud Hike
Friday, July 23, 1999
"We had a pretty slippery, eventful, four–wheel drive trip up to the Machame gate, which is just under 6,000ft, where we started our climb...."

Waking to Prayers in Arusha
Monday, July 19, 1999
"'s 5am and the loud speakers come on with prayers. There is a large Muslim population here in Arusha—one of the very interesting things about it."

Dinesen and East Africa Today
Saturday, July 17, 1999
"I'm reminded of Isak Dinesen's description of the cool, rarefy air as she talked about farm life in this part of the world earlier in the century. Quite different now..."

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