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Monday, July 3, 2000
" kind of reflect on that while standing on the banks of this wilderness in the Arctic twilight, was pretty astounding..."
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Just In: photos from Vern Tejas' group.

Day by Day on Denali

Join and Alpine Ascents International for another season-long chronicle of the action on Denali's (Mt. McKinley) popular West Buttress route.

Those who venture to climb Denali do so with a passion reserved for only the most classic ascents. As the highest peak in North America, it is our Everest, beckoning climbers to stand atop the continent and peer across the intense wilderness of Alaska Range. For mountaineers, Denali is a mountain of great aesthetic beauty and the many routes lay well in the cannon of Americas great climbs.

This season, for the second year running, and Alpine Ascents will closely follow the climbing exploits of a guiding season on Denali. Alpine Ascents will be launching ten expeditions between May 17th and June 18th; on every climb, the Alpine Ascents guides will make frequent dispatches to to describe not only how their own climbing teams are doing but to report other action on the mountain as well.

The Alpine Ascents guides will discuss summit attempts, conditions on the mountain, weather patterns, decision making, other climbing teams , rescue attempts, hazardous conditions and act as a first hand resource while sharing all the joys and rigors of climbing this massive peak.

One of the premier guide services in America, Alpine Ascents' experienced guides include include Vernon Tejas, Willi Prittie, Bill McCormick, John Race, Tom Bridge, Charles Hseih, Scott Darsney, Luis Beneitz, Jim Williams, Forrest McCarthy and Allen Carbert. Alpine Ascents will also have a permanent staff at the 14,000ft camp, "rangers" who will play a vital role for client climbers who are ascending and descending the mountain.

The action begins on May 17 when guides Bill McCormick and John Race lead the first of the guided ascents. Stay tuned for climbing reports as the guides call in to by both satellite telephones and cell phone. Guides descending from the summit with their groups will pass the phones on to the next group so readers at home will be able to share the excitement of summit day with each team. Weather permitting summit teams will be launched on May 17, May 20, May 29, June 4, June 12, June 15 and June 18.

As last year's Season on Denali proved to be spectacular event, we look for another exciting season this spring.

Gordon Janow, Alpine Ascents International

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