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Satellite phone updates from Todd Burleson's Alpine Ascents Khumbu Trek

Lots of Potatoes in Dingboche
Wednesday, April 8, 1998 — Dingboche (14,000')

Hear Todd Burleson's call from Dingboche
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Village of Dingboche
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(photo: Potterfield)
We're in Dingboche right now. We're having a rest day. People are going to up to Chukhung, to Island peak, to look at the lakes up there and look at the south face of Lhotse. The weather is moving in again, it's pretty cloudy. Beautiful, beautiful mornings and then windy and cloudy afternoons with a little bit of snow.

Haven't talked to Wally in a couple of days, hope he's well. We should see them in about three days — we'll all be in base camp.

A stupa overlooking Dingboche
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(photo: Potterfield)
Tomorrow we're heading up to the Italian Research Center where we've been able to work out a deal to spend the night, and so hopefully, we'll make some more calls there and maybe send some pictures.

Dingobche is great. The best thing about the Dingboche stay is the potatoes. Lots of water here so they grow big potatoes, and we're eating lots of potatoes... sherpa food. All the Sherpas are good, Lakpa and Ong Chu and Dawa, they all say hi to everybody on the Mountain Zone. We will be in touch soon. Take care, bye.

Todd Burleson, Leader of the Alpine Ascents Trek