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Vertical Blue-Ice Sea
Base Camp - Wednesday, April 24, 2002

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Blue-Ice Sea
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Hello Mountain Zoners, this is Vern Tejas with Alpine Ascents Mount Everest Expedition.

Yesterday we descended through the infamous, deadly and dangerous Khumbu Icefall and boy it was it a riot.

We got to one section and the ladders had been broken down and the whole serac had fallen over and left a vertical blue-ice sea to climb down. With a little bit of intrepidation and a whole lot of sweat, we were able to get to the other side. We spent, it seemed like, most of the day going from II, past Camp I down to Base Camp. And in that last six hours of the Icefall, I think each one of us found our own little waterloo.

Now, we're currently resting at Base Camp and oxygenating our blood, as well as filling our bellies full of the fine cooking that Ong Chhu is known for. Today we had tuna pizza and, believe it or not, that's one of the highlights of Base Camp.

We're planning on spending another several days here and just getting fatter and happier and so that ultimately we'll be able to head back up the mountain stronger and more powerful. All the members are doing well, we're in high spirits, and looking forward to what's going to take place in the next week or so.

So please tune in tomorrow and join us here on Mountain Zone.

Vern Tejas, Alpine Ascents International Guide and Correspondent

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