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Taos, New Mexico

The 5.4 square miles of Taos, New Mexico are compelling in their own right; Native American dwellings and relics, century-old artist colonies and historic homes, futuristic Earthships, a mysterious low-frequency hum, and a vivacious community are enough for many visitors. But, Taos also boasts 360 degrees of adventure in the surrounding Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Santa Fe National Forest and the Carson National Forest provide some of the best mountain biking, fly fishing, horseback riding, trekking, and rafting in the state. The highest peak in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak (13,161 feet) sits just outside of town and is flanked by famed Taos Ski Valley. The three other resorts – Red River, Sipapu, and Angel Fire – are scattered nearby. For the lift-averse, there is plenty of backcountry terrain, snowshoe and nordic trails, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and even hot air ballooning. To cap it off, the area is teeming with hot springs. No matter which way you leave your Earthship, Taos will provide.

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Featured Mountains in Taos

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Wheeler Peak (State High Point) 13,161 ft (4,011 m)
View Point 9,386 ft (2,861 m)
Tres Orejas 7,946 ft (2,422 m)
Pueblo Peak 12,290 ft (3,746 m)
Lobo Peak 12,086 ft (3,684 m)
Lake Fork Peak 12,881 ft (3,926 m)
Gallegos Peak 10,535 ft (3,211 m)
Fraser Mountain 12,142 ft (3,701 m)
Devisadero Peak 8,294 ft (2,528 m)
Capulin Peak 10,449 ft (3,185 m)