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La Sal, Utah

The La Sal Mountains are the last range before you hit the renowned canyon country of eastern Utah. Running north-south, the range’s highest point is Mt. Peale (12,726 feet) and towers over the surrounding foothill towns. La Sal, Utah sits just south of the range and basks in the glory of these high desert peaks. With less than 400 people, La Sal makes nearby Moab looking like a sprawling metropolis. But, La Sal can provide much-needed respite from the growing tourist flood that comes to visit National Parks, hike, explore, ATV, and mountain bike. In the winter, the La Sals provide the most unique backcountry skiing in Utah, with steep chutes and bowls and beautifully open glades framed by the oscillating red-rock topography that crawls into the horizon. The exploration opportunities around La Sal are tremendous – hike the peaks, ride the peaks, navigate canyons and trails, and soak in the archeology and spectacle of the Utah desert.


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Featured Mountains in La Sal

Mountain Approx. Elevation
South Mountain 11,798 ft (3,596 m)
Mount Tukuhnikivatz 12,500 ft (3,810 m)
Mount Peale 12,720 ft (3,877 m)
Mount Mellenthin 12,638 ft (3,852 m)
Hideout Mesa 7,379 ft (2,249 m)
Pine Ridge 7,775 ft (2,370 m)
Wilson Arch 6,174 ft (1,882 m)