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Mountain Zone Cybercast, November 19-22, 1998

  • Women's GS: Alexandra the Great Conquers Park City
  • Men's GS: Herminator Falters, Austrians Win Anyway
  • Women's SL: Hrovat Nails Slalom
  • Men's SL: Bourgeat Fights Ruts for First

    Park City Park City, Utah
    We're here in Park City, Utah, home of the 2002 Winter Olympic games and less than adequate beer, bringing you full proof coverage from the first North American alpine races on the World Cup tour. Skies are clear and the nights are cold, setting the stage for spectacular conditions on the course that is steep, fast and hard.

    Click on the headlines above for interviews, photos and half-time entertainment (no trampolines, please) on four feet of man-made snow, course-side, courtesy of The Mountain Zone. Bring your crampons and full-strength beer. It's bullet-proof.

    Here's the schedule of festivities:
    Thursday, Nov. 19: Women's Giant Slalom
    Friday, Nov. 20: Men's Giant Slalom
    Saturday, Nov. 21: Women's Slalom
    Sunday, Nov. 22: Men's Slalom

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