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Hanging with the Joneses
Seeking the Spirit, Following the Snow

Jackson Hole
I have been to Jackson Hole many times now and somehow I always manage to arrive for the epic snowfalls. Jackson seems to have so much of what one would imagine in a perfect ski area, with 3000 vertical feet, tons of snow, and nothing but diehard ski and snowboard locals. If you take these ingredients and mix in permanently-opened boundaries, you have what some would call the ideal ski resort.

"I realized that this "scene" is in fact a mountain lifestyle of hardcore skiing/boarding with people who share the same vision..."

It was not until this most recent trip to the land of big mountains and much snow that I realized there is what you might call a "scene" in Jackson. While standing in the tram dock with Todd and Steve Jones (of Teton Gravity Research film fame), two young guys noticed us talking and felt compelled to interrupt to meet the famous (or is it infamous?) Jones Brothers. They told us they had just moved to Jackson after seeing several TGR films. They were so stoked to be skiing and boarding the deep pow that had just fallen on Jackson — 14 inches overnight with over two feet in the few days prior. As was I; the skiing was other-worldly. It really is hard to beat a day of nothing but face shots with your best mates.

I wondered if these guys had come to Jackson for the deep snow and long runs or to meet their ski heroes and try to live a piece of the life that the Joneses portray through their films. Had they come for the skiing or for the "scene"?

Swany and the Joneses
After thinking about what TGR represents and portrays, I realized that this "scene" is in fact a mountain lifestyle of hardcore skiing/boarding with people who share the same vision. I think that's why these two kids moved to a ski town and why they were stoked to meet the Joneses. This is probably the same reason I am always so stoked to visit Jackson.

All of us who live in ski towns do so for a multitude of reasons, from the skiing, the mountain biking, the kayaking and climbing, to the people who become our friends and share a similar outlook on life and a desire to live in the outdoors.

As much as I love Jackson, I am not about to move from Crested Butte anytime soon, which, despite a recent lack of snow, is still what I would call the ideal ski town.

Dave Swanwick, MountainZone.com Correspondent

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