Slopeside Swoosh
Nike Joins Forces With Marker to Develop Winter Sports Gear
Wednesday September 17, 1997

The ubiquitous swoosh that dominates those indoor, sweaty court sports is jumping into snow territory and by early '99 will be gracing the bottom of the boards, the sides of the soft boots and even some bindings.

Nike Inc. recently joined forces with the Salt Lake City, Utah based Marker International to "research, design and develop winter sports products," according to the Nike camp. Joining the phenomenon that is snowboarding, Nike's VP of Equipment said, "there are endless possibilities in snowboarding... this relationship... will produce innovative, exciting products that will benefit athletes and excite the winter sports industry."

Nike and Marker expect to unveil the fruits of their coupling early in 1999 and make them available to Joe Snow in the fall of that year. And to make sure you match, the "high performance snowboard apparel "will be available THIS fall. Pump up your boots, pump 'em up.

Sarah Love, Mountain Zone Staff

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