As Many as 10 Dead in French Avalanche
Slide Strikes 26 Teens on School Trip

Les Orres Resort
Friday, January 23, 1998

The search for school children and their guides buried by an avalanche in the French Alps today continues and it has been reported that as many as 10 people are confirmed dead.

The avalanche struck a group of hikers, including 26 teenagers on a school trip. The BBC today reported that 25 people have been rescued and at least two are still unaccounted for. It was also reported that the group was hiking in an unauthorized area.

Authorities have speculated that skiers above the hiking group triggered the avalanche near the French ski resort, Les Orres, on the Italian border, the BBC reported. The group was snowshoeing when the avalanche occurred.

Avalanche on Nuptse near Everest.
(photo: Todd Burleson)
According to the BBC, there are 12 helicopters and 150 rescue workers on the scene.

The French weather bureau on Tuesday issued warnings of high avalanche danger in the mountains as there has been heavy snowfall in the Alps throughout the week.

The children range in age from 13 to 15.— Sarah Love, Mountain Zone Staff

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