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  • Investigation of Vail Fires Continues
    Wednesday, November 4, 1998
    "There is still a lot of information out there and we are still actively pursuing it," Special Agent Larry Bettendorf, of the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), said.
  • Friday, October 23, 1998
    The Earth Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the fires in Vail. Through an email, reprinted here, the group said it was protesting Vail's expansion project as it threatened a lynx habitat.
  • Thursday, October 22, 1998
    Though the Eagle County Sheriffís Office will not confirm details, it has been reported that a radical environmental group, calling itself the Earth Liberation Organization, is allegedly claiming responsibility for the Oct. 19 fires that destroyed four Vail Mountain buildings.
  • Wednesday, October 21, 1998
    Seven separate fires destroyed four buildings and heavily damaged lifts on Colorado's Vail Mountain in the early morning of Octber 19. The FBI has labeled the cause "criminal."

  • Biker Falls to His Death in Moab
    Wednesday, October 14, 1998
    At approximately four o'clock yesterday afternoon on the Portal Trail in Moab, Utah, Kevin Kirk, 43, of Conifer, Colorado fell to his death. He fell some 200 feet from the very exposed Portal Trail just west of Moab along the Colorado River.

  • Cause of Mauduit Death Confirmed
    Tuesday, August 29, 1998
    Frederique Delrieu, a friend and climbing companion of Chantal Mauduit, killed on Dhaulagiri in May states that evidence shows that Mauduit's and Tshering Sherpa's deaths resulted from a small avalanche, not from suffocation or from failure to dig out the tent.

  • Sherpa Sets Everest Record
    Monday, October 19, 1998
    Nepali Kagzi Sherpa was successful in his attempt to break the speed record climbing from Everest base camp to the summit via the South Col Route on October 17, although he took a few hours longer than his hoped for 18-hour ascent.
  • Monday, August 28, 1998
    The biggest news from the climbing world in Nepal is that Kagzi Sherpa's second attempt to climb the South Col route from Base Camp to the summit in 18 hours is currently underway.

  • Daron Rahlves Injured in Norway
    Tuesday, August 25, 1998
    Daron Rahlves, super-G racer and up and coming downhiller on the US Ski Team, injured his right hip Monday while training on a Norwegian glacier. It is not yet known how the injury will impact his training for the upcoming ski season.

  • Burning Mount Elbrus Hut Photos
  • Monday, August 31, 1998
    New photos of fire that destroyed the Priut Hut on Mount Elbrus. Not a surprising occurrence, fire had also destroyed the first hut.
  • Monday, August 24, 1998
    The venerable metal-clad Priut Hut at 5,642 meters (approximately 13,800 feet) on Russia's Mount Elbrus burned on August 16. At least one climber is seriously injured and another feared dead. The hut was totally destroyed.

  • Bottle Ban in the Khumbu
    Thursday, August 20, 1998
    Most visitors to the Khumbu agree that trying to reduce the trash on and near Everest is commendable, but the message from the government's ban on bottles in the region may be that clean water is not all that important.

  • Rainier Sold Out
    Wednesday, August 19, 1998
    Commercial guide services sell out early on Mt. Rainier, and the rest of the 1998 season is booked. As climbing gains popularity, independent climbers may in many cases be blocked out of routes lead by commercial entities.

  • Ned Gillette Murdered in Pakistan
    Monday, August 10, 1998
    The noted climber, skier and explorer and his wife, Suzy, were shot in their tent at night in Haramosh valley, Pakistan. Ned died immediately while Suzy is in stable condition.

  • Body of Maurice Barrard Found on K2
    Friday, July 17, 1998
    US climbers believe they have found a Frenchman who was among 13 climbers to die on K2 in 1986, the story detailed in Jim Curran's book "K2: Triumph & Tragedy."

  • American and British Teams Fall on Denali
    Monday, June 22, 1998
    Two Americans and a nine member British team have separate accidents on Alaska's Denali. One climber was rescued Friday night and is in intensive care, three were rescued last night and the rest have just been confirmed as being safe.

  • Avalanche on Mount Rainier
    Thursday, June 11, 1998
    One climber is dead after two RMI guided rope teams were hit by an avalanche on Mount Rainier.

  • RMI Guide Third to Die on Denali in Two Weeks
  • Monday, June 15, 1998
    Chris Hooyman's body is recovered on Denali
  • Tuesday, June 9, 1998 (5pm PST)
    Two volunteer rangers were able to descend 1,100 feet of the fall line where Chris Hooyman disappeared Saturday, but found no sign of the assistant mountaineering guide. Hooyman apparently fell while aiding a client who slipped and couldn't regain their footing.
  • Tuesday, June 9, 1998 (12pm PST)
    Chris Hooyman, of Seattle, was reported to have unclipped from his roped team to aid a client when he fell and disappeared. Two volunteer rangers have successfully climbed to high camp and have fixed 1200 feet of rope on the fall line, but zero visibility is limiting search attempts.
  • Monday, June 8, 1998
    A 21-year-old assistant guide fell Saturday and has not been seen. Severe weather has held off rescue attempts and searchers are hoping for a window of opportunity later today.

  • Tommy Moe, AJ Kitt Retire from World Cup Ski Racing
    Thursday, June 4, 1998
    Former Olympic downhill champion Tommy Moe and World Championships bronze medalist AJ Kitt are retiring from World Cup ski racing after each spent more than a decade on the tour, the U.S. Ski Team announced Wednesday.

  • Tahoe World Cup Biking Cancelled Due to Snow
    Tuesday, June 2, 1998
    Continued snowfall in Lake Tahoe claimed its first fair weather sport with the cancellation of the World Cup mountain biking race scheduled for June 20-21. As for old man Winter — "the locals are sick of it."

  • Weather Impeding Search, Third Climber Falls
    Wednesday, May 27, 1998
    The search for a volunteer rescuer who fell and dispappeared Sunday is continuing despite whiteout conditions and high winds. In an unrelated incident, an Australian climber fell into a crevasse yesterday afternoon and was rescued.
  • Tuesday, May 26, 1998
    A Whistler, BC, Canada man was killed Sunday while descending the West Buttress Route of Denali and a volunteer rescuer apparently fell and disappeared two hours later.

  • Body of Mauduit Removed from Dhaulagiri
    Wednesday, May 27, 1998
    Ten Sherpas today (Nepal time) removed the body of famous French climber Chantal Mauduit from Mt. Dhaulagiri, where she was killed May 16, and she was flown to Kathmandu. Her body will then be flown back to her hometown.
  • Monday, May 18, 1998
    Chantal Mauduit, 34, and her Sherpa guide, Ang Tshering, 45, were found dead Saturday on Mt. Dhaulagiri in the Nepal Himalaya.

  • Pro Biker Confirmed Paralyzed
    Wednesday, May 13, 1998
    Diamonback Bicycles today released a statement confirming Beth Coats, who injured her spine in a March climbing accident, is paralyzed from the waist down.

  • Adam Hostetter Injured in Alaska
    Tuesday, May 12, 1998
    US Olympic Snowboarder Adam Hostetter crashed hard in avalanche debris in Valdez, Alaska, while filming with Jackson Hole's TGR. After wrapping his leg around an ice chunk, Hostetter required surgery but is expected to fully recover.

  • Aspen May Host World Cup Skiing
    Wednesday, May 6, 1998
    The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) today announced it will formally request that Aspen host the inaugural World Cup skiing events in November. Aspen is one of the oldest World Cup venues — it hosted the second ever World Cup in 1968.

  • Beth Coats to Undergo Rehab
    Wednesday, April 15, 1998
    Pro mountain bike racer Beth Coats is expected to remain at a Denver Rehabilitation Hospital for three months following surgery to relieve pressure to her spine after she broke vertebras in her upper and lower back after falling while climbing.

  • Update: Street Tore Ligaments in Right Knee
    Monday, March 16, 1998
    US Ski Team Dr. Richard Steadman reported today that Picabo Street also tore the ACL and lateral meniscus in her right knee in a crash Friday that broke her left femur. Street is in Vail, CO., after returning yesterday from a Sion, Switzerland hospital in which she underwent emergency surgery.

  • Tele in 2002?
    Monday, March 2, 1998
    Free-Heelers Lobby for Telemark Skiing in 2002 Olympic Games

  • Pro Boarder Killed by Avalanche
    February 13, 1998
    Jamil Khan Killed in the Sierras Wednesday

  • A Year Later — The Queen Maud Land Expedition
    February 9, 1998
    National Geographic in spotlight for delaying news of Antarctic expedition for magazine story

  • 20 Skiers Killed When Military Plane Tears Through Tram Cable
    February 4, 1998
    Cable Car Plunges 600 Feet Killing All Aboard

  • First Class to First Tracks
    February 2, 1998
    First Ever US Olympic Snowboard Team Named

  • Street Crashes at 75mph
    February 2, 1998
    America's gold hopeful sustains concussion, but will compete in Nagano

  • Pezzo Exonerated of Drug Charges
    January 27, 1998
    Mountain Bike Champion Officially Cleared of Drug Charges

  • Nine Children, Two Adults Killed in French Alps Avalanche
    January 26, 1998
    One guide detained and investigation continues into why group was hiking in an extremely dangerous area.

  • As Many as 10 Dead in French Avalanche
    January 23, 1998
    Slide strikes 26 school children hiking in the French Alps today.

  • Update: Pezzo Cleared on Drug Charges
    January 22, 1998
    Pezzo will retain Olympic medal, World Championship and World Cup title

  • Downhill Champ John Tomac Forming Bike Company
    January 22, 1998
    Teams with Manitou inventor Doug Bradbury

  • Russian Climbers Make First-Ever January Ascent of Denali
    January 19, 1998
    Three-man party faced extreme cold during shortest days

  • Update: Doubts Arise as to Pezzo's Guilt
    January 15, 1998
    Charges of steroid use may be suspended

  • Celebrity Deaths Spotlight Skiing Dangers
    January 13, 1998
    But, in reality, it's more likely you'll be killed by lightning than on the slopes

  • Champion Biker Pezzo Positive for Drugs
    January 8, 1998
    Women's Olympic Mountain Biking gold medalist tests positive for steroids.

  • Subjekt: Boycott — Terje Out of The Games
    January 8, 1998
    World-famous snowboarder Terje Haakenson boycotts Olympic Games

  • Avalanches Kill at Least 12 People in Four Days
    January 6, 1998
    New, heavy snowfall killed people in British Columbia, Montana and Idaho

  • Anatoli Boukreev Missing and Presumed Dead in the Himalayas
  • January 5, 1998 2pm (PST)
    Weston DeWalt, who co-wrote The Climb with Anatoli Boukreev, issued a statement to The Mountain Zone after hearing confirmation that the famed Russian climber had died.
  • January 4, 1998 10am (PST)
    Searchers give up hope of finding Boukreev alive. Boukreev's girlfriend hopes the body will be found and given a proper burial on the mountain.
  • January 2, 1998 10:30am (PST)
    Confusion over exactly which tent was spotted during previous helicopter search flights has left a glimmer of hope that there may be more survivors of the Christmas Day avalanche on Annapurna.
  • December 30, 1997 (12:30pm (PST)
    The second attempt to reach the accident site by helicopter has failed due to continuing bad weather on the mountain. Plans are now being made to launch a reconnaissance effort by Sherpa Climbers.
  • December 29,1997 (5pm PST)
    "Moro was airlifted to Kathmandu for medical treatment, but later returned in a Nepalese army helicopter piloted by K.C. Madan. Madan is the same pilot who rescued Beck Weathers and Makalu Gau from Everest's camp II in May 1996."
  • December 29, 1997 (10am PST)
    A helicopter search today failed to find world famous high-altitude mountain climber Anatoli Boukreev who was caught in an avalanche on Annapurna and believed dead. The search is scheduled to resume at 8pm tonight PST.
  • December 28, 1997
    World famous high-altitude mountain climber Anatoli Boukreev was caught in an avalanche on Annapurna. He is believed dead.

  • Street Takes Top-10 Spot
    December 18, 1997
    "I wanted a top-10 and I got it. That makes me happy. It's good to be back racing," Street said. And, Germany's Katja Seizinger takes the number one spot, making it her fifth consecutive World Cup win.

  • Everest Guides Cited for Heroism
    December 12, 1997
    Anatoli Boukreev, Pete Athans and Todd Burleson are singled out for their South Col rescue efforts during the 1996 Everest Tragedy

  • Street's Ready, Weather's Not
    December 11, 1997
    Street Ready, but Race Canceled

  • Get Yer Butt to Utah — 74" of Snow in 72 Hours
    December 10, 1997
    December Storms Bring Stellar Conditions to the West Coast

  • Compromise Reached on Olympic Downhill Course
    December 2, 1997
    Japanese Officials Bend to Meet FIS' Demand

  • Illness Forces Mountain Bike Champ to Retire
    November 25, 1997
    Diagnosed with Lupus, Juli Furtado Calls It Quits

  • Picabo Street to Skip World Cups
    November 19, 1997
    Street to Focus on Recovery for February Olympic Games

  • Young and Old Team Up for Gold
    November 18, 1997
    Mahre and Street co-captain the winning team in the '97 Return of the Champions race

  • US's Greenwood Wins Men's World Cup GS Opener
    November 17, 1997
    Rosey Fletcher Takes Fifth in Women's Race

  • No Thru Traffic: Yosemite
    November 10, 1997
    Park Service proposes eliminating cars and restoring 147 acres in the Yosemite Valley

  • No Skiing at the '98 Olympics??
    October 30, 1997
    FIS head threatens to yank skiing over an ongoing dispute over the men's downhill course

  • Climber Killed on Mount Rainier
    October 28, 1997
    The body of a missing climber has been positively identified on Rainier

  • Three Climbers Missing on Pumori
    October 15, 1997
    Slovakian Team Members Feared Dead

  • Gold Medal Contender Injures Knee
    October 15, 1997
    Pernilla Wiberg Tears a Ligament

  • It's Dumping
    October 10, 1997
    Tahoe Could Get Three Feet

  • Rocky Mountain High— Canada
    October 9, 1997
    10 Million Acres Preserved

  • Killington Gets Season's First Tracks
    October 2, 1997

  • Two US Climbers Killed In British Columbia
    September 23, 1997
    Pair Found Roped Together in a Crevasse on Mount Joffre

  • Olympic Snowboarding Selection Criteria Closer
    September 23, 1997
    Criteria for the First US Snowboarding Team Finally Being Reviewed by Olympic Committee

  • Adidas/Salomon Merger
    September 22, 1997
    Adidas makes move to developing winter sports gear

  • Slopeside Swoosh
    September 17, 1997
    Nike joins forces with marker to develop winter sports gear

  • Olympics Without a Trace
    September 12, 1997
    Vertigo forces world freestyle aerial champion Trace Worthington to retire

  • Korean Climber Killed in Avalanche on Everest
    September 9, 1997
    Craig Calonica reports on the accident from base camp in Tibet.

  • Final Olympic Snowboarding Qualifications
    September 5, 1997
    Final Grand Prix race to determine first Olympic Snowboarding team

  • Deadly Season in the Alps
    August 26, 1997
    Another Matterhorn accident adds to incredible death toll in the Alps

  • Eco-Rockers: See the Pearl Garden
    August 22, 1997
    Northwest bands Pearl Jam and Soundgarden donate money to preserve wilderness

  • Deadly Accident on Mount Rainier
    July 31, 1997
    One climber is dead after falling into a crevasse high on the mountain.

  • Boukreev Climbs Four 8K Peaks in 80 Days
    July 15, 1997
    Russian high-altitude climber Anatoli Boukreev does a spring sweep of big mountains

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