2000 Mountain Biking World Cup 2000 Mountain Biking World Cup
2000 Mountain Biking World Cup
2000 Mountain Biking World Cup 2000 Mountain Biking World Cup
2000 Mountain Biking World Cup 2000 Mountain Biking World Cup
2000 Mountain Biking World Cup

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Spectacular Gravity Runs
DS #4: The Sky Wasn't the Limit

Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec, Canada: July 1-2, 2000

Mont Sainte Anne kicked off its 10th year of hosting World Cup racing this weekend, when the season's only triple-event — downhill, dual, and cross-country — kicked off in Quebec, Canada, with an action-packed Saturday of gravity runs.

Conditions were great in the weekend's first half, as sun continued to shine on the World Cup after light rains fell late in the week. With three races taking place here for the first time since '98, Mont Sainte Anne resembles the Worlds and has attracted huge crowds, with the entire industry together again after only three weeks.

Women: Chausson Takes It
Just a couple hours after the end of the downhill, the crowds hiked a few hundred yards back up the hill to line a long dual course with more kickers and jumps this side of a BMX track. Thousands and thousands of fans waited patiently while a late-race glitch in the start gate was fixed, and saw, in the waning light of the day, two spectacular final runs.

The first was between Anne-Caroline Chausson (FRA, Volvo-Cannondale) and Tara Llanes (USA, Subaru-Specialized), sort of a carbon copy of the recent Worlds dual, including the result. A-C beat Tara handily, jumping a huge double to leave Llanes behind, and getting at least one win of the weekend. Tara had arrived at the finals by passing Katrina Miller (AUS, Jamis) after a horrible bike-breaking crash, but was no match for Chausson.

Men: Gracia Skies for the Win
In the men's finals it was Cédric Gracia (FRA, Volvo-Cannondale) beating Scott "Boom-Boom" Beaumont (GBR, Kona), two of the sport's best jumpers sky-ing it out for the crowds as Gracia stayed just far enough ahead to get the win. He had eliminated teammate and series-leader Brian Lopes (USA, Volvo-Cannondale) earlier, when Lopes crashed at the gate, breaking the start gate in the process (hence the hold).

In consolation racing, Katrina Miller (AUS, Jamis) returned with a new bike to beat Cheri Elliott (USA, Maxxis) in the women's semi, while Steve Peat (GBR, Team GT) beat Mike King (USA, Haro/Lee Dungarees) in the men's consolation round.

Ari Cheren, using his French and English for MountainZone.com

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