Trails in Greene County, Tennessee

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Trails in Greene County Tennessee

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Artie Hollow Trail 3,373 ft (1,028 m)
Bullen Hollow Trail 3,061 ft (933 m)
Camp Creek Trail 2,070 ft (631 m)
Cowbell Hollow Trail 2,762 ft (842 m)
David Creek Trail 2,198 ft (670 m)
Dixon Trail 3,415 ft (1,041 m)
Doctors Ridge Trail 1,837 ft (560 m)
Greene Mountain Trail 3,711 ft (1,131 m)
Jennings Creek Trail 2,057 ft (627 m)
Little Jennings Creek Trail 2,129 ft (649 m)
Little Paint Creek Trail 2,254 ft (687 m)
Margarette Falls Trail 2,851 ft (869 m)
Paint Creek Trail 1,975 ft (602 m)
Petes Branch Trail 2,395 ft (730 m)
Phillips Hollow Trail 2,717 ft (828 m)
Poplar Cove Trail 2,310 ft (704 m)
Scarlet Oak Trail 1,975 ft (602 m)
Spruce Thicket Trail 2,992 ft (912 m)
Squibb Creek Trail 3,540 ft (1,079 m)

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