Trails in Deschutes County, Oregon

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Trails in Deschutes County Oregon

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Broken Top Trail 6,732 ft (2,052 m)
Corral Swamp Trail 4,905 ft (1,495 m)
Cultus Lake Trail 5,056 ft (1,541 m)
Edison Ice Cave Trail 5,699 ft (1,737 m)
Green Lakes Trail 5,882 ft (1,793 m)
Hosmer Lake Trail 5,111 ft (1,558 m)
Lucky Lake Trail 4,990 ft (1,521 m)
Millican Crater Trail 5,689 ft (1,734 m)
Mirror Lake Trail 5,817 ft (1,773 m)
Moore Creek Trail 4,862 ft (1,482 m)
Moraine Lake Trail 6,716 ft (2,047 m)
Mud Lake Trail 5,551 ft (1,692 m)
Paulina Peak Trail 6,945 ft (2,117 m)
Quinn Creek Trail 5,154 ft (1,571 m)
Scott Trail 5,659 ft (1,725 m)
Six Lakes Trail 5,958 ft (1,816 m)
Snowshoe Lake Trail 5,066 ft (1,544 m)
Swampy Lakes Trail 5,994 ft (1,827 m)
Three Creek Lake Trail 6,778 ft (2,066 m)
Twins Crane Prairie Trail 4,724 ft (1,440 m)
Wickiup Plain Trail 6,099 ft (1,859 m)
Winopee Lake Trail 4,944 ft (1,507 m)

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