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Summits in Sioux County, Nebraska

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Summits in Sioux County Nebraska

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Carnegie Hill 4,485 ft (1,367 m)
Chalk Buttes 4,610 ft (1,405 m)
Mike Kern Hills 3,730 ft (1,137 m)
Mount Edna 5,029 ft (1,533 m)
Pants Butte 4,754 ft (1,449 m)
Pine Butte 4,482 ft (1,366 m)
Roundtop 4,416 ft (1,346 m)
Stony Hill 3,884 ft (1,184 m)
Sugar Loaf Butte 3,701 ft (1,128 m)
The Hat 4,649 ft (1,417 m)
Turner Peak 4,426 ft (1,349 m)
Twin Butte 3,832 ft (1,168 m)
University Hill 4,459 ft (1,359 m)

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