Cliffs in Siskiyou County, California

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Cliffs in Siskiyou County California

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Blue Nose Bluff 1,073 ft (327 m)
Cedar Point 4,478 ft (1,365 m)
Dougherty Bluff 1,637 ft (499 m)
Ferry Point 1,014 ft (309 m)
Gillem Bluff 4,377 ft (1,334 m)
Grant Bluffs 797 ft (243 m)
Howitzer Point 4,462 ft (1,360 m)
Klamath Rim 2,749 ft (838 m)
Limestone Bluffs 3,350 ft (1,021 m)
Limestone Bluffs 2,438 ft (743 m)
Padgetts Bluff 4,639 ft (1,414 m)
Vesa Bluffs 4,875 ft (1,486 m)

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