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Our daily coverage of an expedition to Mount Everest struck an emotional chord with Mountain Zone visitors. For months we were flooded with mail from people moved by the climbers' courage, baffled that anyone would attempt something so dangerous, curious about the details, and mostly just wanting to offer well-wishes. Here are a few of those letters, and you can click here to read more letters from the Everest '97 Expedition and the Everest '98 Expedition.


I would like to use this forum to express my disgust at the way that the Simonson expedition has exploited George Mallory 's reputation for its own personal and professional gain. The crass commercialization of the expedition and, worst of all, the posting of photographs on the web - with copyright scrawled across them - frankly makes me sick. Anker and the rest are after money and fame and the sooner they admit it the better. The exploitation of another country's mountaineering dead should be condemned by all reasonable people.

Julian Barrett

June 8, 1998

I have to say this has been the most interesting web site that I have found all this year. What drama, what suspense, what excitement!!!...

I have never climbed a mountain, know nothing about mountain climbing, although I had read a lot about the ill fated climb when Scott Fischer and others lost their lives. But I have certainly learned a lot about the sport and have become very fascinated by the seductive power that Mount Everest has over the best climbers. I learned new terminology (crampons) and jargon ("summit" the verb as opposed to the noun).

Every day, the first thing I did before work was check out your site and read the dispatches of the day, including those from the North Side. I spent hours on weekends reading dispatches, looking at maps and reading back through the earlier dispatches. I enjoyed looking at the photos and viewing the video clips. Congratulations on this fabulous real life story adventure!! Congratulations too to the successful climbing team who fulfilled their own dreams and also kept me entertained for about 6 weeks! I look forward to more such projects. Thank you!

Cherie L. Weinstein

p.s. I ordered "Into Thin Air" on audio tape, so as I'm climbing the stairmaster, I'll have loftier climbing to inspire me for a week or two!

June 3, 1998

I just wanted to say I think your Mountain Zone website about Everest '98 is really well done. It's easy to find things, the links go places that enhance the thread I was following, and you've made great use of javascript techniques (the maps, the mouseovers).

And the subject is interesting to me because I lived in Nepal for a couple of years and have been on several treks in Nepal, including to Kala Pattar, i.e., near the Everest Base Camp.

Jeff Morin

May 26, 1998

I got online for the first time about four weeks ago, and one of the first places a friend showed me to go was your website. I've been following you almost every day with joy; I will not make it up the Mountain, but in a way I feel I have. Now I feel a deep loss for the climbers who will not make it down. Please extend my sincere sympathy to their families and team.

May 25, 1998

I just wanted to say I was very impressed with your web site, good design, great thumbnails, and color. It was very well though out project. Those pictures were really worth while to display. I will visit again, and go through the site in more detail. After a long day of surfing through the net your site really did stand out.

Shelley Compton
Moncton, Canada

May 24, 1998

I have really enjoyed your Everest updates!!!! You are now my number one bookmark taking over from CNN. I look forward to cooler weather and your snow reports.

Carol Pope
Sonora, Texas

May 22, 1998

Your website is the first one I've checked diligently. Fascinating. I'll stay tuned. Best wishes to you all.


May 22, 1998

Congratulations for your fantastic job! I've been reading your dispatches since the beginning, and it was really very exciting to know all your steps during the climbing. When I read the dispatches about the summit, it seemed that I was there with you. I could hardly believe that I was reading about the summit just a few moments after it had happened.

I hope you go home safely and can go back to Everest next year, sending us your dispatches again.

Once again, congratulations!

Nilton Hayashi da Cruz
Sao Paulo,Brazil

May 22, 1998

Thanks for the wonderful daily reports... I cried when I learned Wally Berg had reached the summit safely. I wonder if you all have any idea how many of us out here were like your angels, climbing with you all the way. Thanks for all your sharing.

Rhoda Resnick

May 22, 1998

Congratulations to Wally Berg and his team on the summit of Everest. I've been following the climb for about a month now and have really enjoyed it. I've also been following several other teams and yours has been the most informative. Again congratulations!


May 21, 1998

Hallo Heores of 1998:

What a gift you extend to us. Here you are, on the stage of the world. But you are not actors, no pretenders, you are actually living your "life" roles.

And we are your breathless audience, even vicarious participants — worrying and rejoicing with you, as the occasions may arise. We are with you - and remember:
Shared misery is half the misery; shared joy is double the joy!

Keeping my fingers crossed.


May 20, 1998

You guys are crazy! I'm just fascinated.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

May 20, 1998

A bloody long way to go and get your thermos! Couldn't you of just bought a new one?



May 20, 1998


Thank you for the excitement, I said a prayer or 10 for you last night and someone was listening.

Gods speed!!!!!

John Erickson
Fargo, ND

May 20, 1998

Dear climber and team,

I have been following your progress on the mountain for weeks on the internet with my children. Congratulations on achieving your goal and installing the equipment! It is great to be able to get online and follow your progress. The day that everyone turned back was heartbreaking for me and the kids, we were really praying for a safe trip to the summit for the team...I hope that the climbers can try again, we are all pulling for you if you try!

Congratulations, and God Bless!

Karen Weaver
Housewife, Mother, and mountaineering fan

May 20, 1998

And the wind said: May you be as strong
as the oak, yet flexible as the birch; may
you stand tall as the Redwood, live gracefully
as the willow; and may you always
bear fruit all your days on this earth.
— Native American Prayer

P.S. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED THE SLIDESHOW and hope to see more of such presentations of your GREAT adventures!!!!!

Take care,

May 20, 1998

By far and away the best site on the web. The dispatches are the start of each day for me. I can go on about my day (in a Walter Mitty kind of way) or some of my friends call it a Cliff Clavin (Cheers postman) kind of way.

Dave Hahn needs a Literary Agent!

Sean Vill

May 19, 1998

Mountain Zone,

I will say now that I am not a mountaineering person. Recently I read Jon Krakauer's book Into Thin Air and have been enthralled by this endeavor and the psychology behind it ever since. I saw a small article in USA Today about your site and I've been hitting it several times a day, ever since. I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you've bought to the public in your site and the close following of the Everest expeditions.

Jennifer Bishop

May 18, 1998

Best wishes to you guys in your Everest attempt. From here in sunny Barbados I'm following your progress daily. Good luck and a safe journey.


May 18, 1998

Guys, I've been watching your progress with huge interest...you are gutsy blokes and I can only say I admire you for your efforts...best of luck for the climb to the summit...I hope it works out well for you.

Alistair Freeman

May 18, 1998

I just listened to Wally Berg and Todd Burleson tell about their experiences on Mt. Everest in 1997. I found it very interesting and fascinating hearing about their climb. I am not a mountain climber but I have went on smaller hikes at Mt. Rainier and Mount St. Helen's. I am in awe every time I see Mt. Rainier. I think I have a understanding why people climb Mt. Everest. Though I probably will never climb or see it, I enjoy hearing, reading about the experiences of the people that have.

I will be thinking of the climbers on the present expedition, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Thank you.

May 15, 1998

Dear all of you in the Everest team,

I am sending you this mail in the name of a bunch of mountain-crazy Bosnian friends with whom I spent the nearly five years of war in Sarajevo...

We are all very excited to be able to follow your ways up and down Everest. My friends want me to tell you that, thanks to my satellite uplinked computer in times without any phones and electricity, and even under heaviest shellings, we were following through the web whatever dispatch we could get from Everest, alas also the catastrophes. You must know how people here mourned Scott Fisher even while having to mourn someone beloved day after day here in town.

Now that at least nobody is dying here of snipers and grenades anymore, we all continue to follow, by ways of good old electricity and phone lines, with just as much excitement the events you report from between base camp and summit. And if you knew how much these people here think about you, send you all their good vibrations and best wishes, press all thumbs and wish you all luck heaven can give, you would stop worrying about anything!!!

All of us in the cosmopolit enclave of Sarajevo within this otherwise torn society, we say Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and, in my case, Jewish prayers that you all make summit and return safe, healthy, well, and in best of all spirits. And whoever of you will have one spare breath left, please say Salam and Schalom for us to the skies when you are on top.

In the name of 13 Bosnians sends all the best
Yvonne Badal

May 27, 1997

We've been following your climb daily with reports, bulletins and audio. Often we've logged on two or three times daily to see how you're doing and to hear of your progress. It's been the first thing we've done on a day to day basis. We have shared your excitement, frustrations, information, joy and sadness. For us to experience Everest in this way has added a dimension to our lives that we could never have experienced without you. Congratulations to all of you, you did it, you shared with the world what it is like to climb to the top of the world and we were with you all the way. Thank You All.

JoAnne Kutz and Richard Rowell

May 26, 1997

This whole Internet thing is still quite hard for me to comprehend, so I just go with it. I had just finished reading an article on Everest in Newsweek, and thought I would try to find you guys on here. It amazes me how easy this all is...I keep expecting to get a HUGE bill for all the services it provides. My two young sons tell me that this is not a trick by the phone co.

You can imagine the sadness when I logged on here to find that you had so recently lost a guide. I am glad you are descending for now. The weather will clear...

Please stay warm and safe. God bless you and good night.

Helen Rock

[Click for Everest Cybercasts and Features]

Jun 22, 1997

Just finished reading Krakauers book Into Thin Air. Its 80 degrees here, but i'm freezing cold.

Also, my eyes are stuck in the wide open and freaking out position. WOW!!!!

These people must be nuts!!!!!!!


May 22, 1997

I have never had a desire to climb — I am a weenie — (always have been) and a vigorous hike is fun enough for me. However, this Mountain Zone Everest Dispatch is the most compelling and fascinating adventure I have ever kept up with. I am a stay-at-home mom in Seattle, and nothing could be further from my day-to-day routine than a summit attempt on Everest, but I eagerly read the latest dispatches every day. Good luck to all, and thanks to those of you working on this website.


P.S. Oh yes — I have told others about this website!

Jul 22, 1997

After finding your website, I visit maybe once a week, thrilled by the exploits and real life drama of the superclimbers. Thanks for being there. I've done the Tour d' Mont Blanc, climbed to the Horn li Hutte on the Matterhorn and bagged all 4,000-footers in the White Mountains. My dream was to trek to Everest Base Camp but after reading Into Thin Air, I think I'll let Breashears and his IMAX film transport me. Be still my broken heart. At 54, overweight and out of shape, better play it safe than sorry.


Jul 28, 1997

It is my understanding that Everest is climbed twice a year. I followed your site in April and May and can hardly live without my daily fix now. When else is it climbed and will you be sending an expedition and reporting online? Any info would be great.


[Click for Everest Cybercasts and Features]

Jun 30, 1997


Your photo's and audio are really amazing, and it's a really good feeling sitting here in my room with real warmth and watching your progress.

Take care, cheers
Kevin Jonson, South Africa kev@iafrica.com

Jun 19, 1997

The photos of Everest on your website were absolutely fantastic! They also provide a nice complement to Into Thin Air, so you feel more of the total experience.

This is certainly one of the all-time best websites I've seen.

Great work!

May 23, 1997

I just came from Jon Krakauer's book lecture in Winnetka, Illinois. Over the past two years I have read at least thirty climbing books about Everest (Bonnington et. al); Eiger Nord Wand; and Denali. A phenomenal world that these adventurer/climber/authors have shown me. But the internet real time broadcasts are the most amazing. Keith Kerman

May 23, 1997

Just a note to thank you for this wonderful Website. My family and I have had a great time exploring it and love the "you are there" immediacy of the dispatches and audio clips. We have been learning about geography, history, mountaineering, Sherpa culture, and the physiological effects of high altitudes. Thank you!

Best wishes to the climbers that their next attempt on the summit will be a success.

Laura Grieve
Garden Grove, CA

May 23, 1997

It's good to see Burleson and company exercising good judgment and turning back swiftly. From reading Into Thin Air and your web site info, can't help wishing that the 1996 expeditions had all been as careful. Good luck to your team.


May 22, 1997

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy visiting this site. I've been around on the net for a couple of years, and this is the first site I've found myself coming back to on a regular basis to see what's up.

Phil Schloss

May 21, 1997


I really am psyched up for Todd and the Teams push for the Summit. I was glad to read that the Icelanders were successful and sfe upon return from the summit.

I still can't believe it when I play the real audio that the men are there right now while I type at my keyboard. I am so envious. I may never get to Everest but I am there now with Todd and the Team. I actually was stressing over the weather in Nepal this week - can you believe it!

Thank you so much for allowing me to attain a dream experiencing an Everest Summit bid - even if it is "One off" via cyber experience - It is more realistic then than I would have imagined. The entire Web site sets up the experience so well. Who would have thought this kind of experience possible on the Web? Not me - but I am enjoying it very much!

Climb On!

Jim McCormack
Coral Springs, FL

May 21, 1997

Hi guys,

You guys are doing one hell of a job. Just to let you know that we are with you in spirit all the way. We have the Malaysian team there too. Wish them the very best.

From Malaysia with luv.

May 21, 1997

Please ask Freddy to relay this to Todd...There's a fat guy in the hot, flat New Mexican desert rootin' for him and his team.


May 20, 1997

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your web site, and especially the audio reports from Everest. I paid $20 to access the "Adventure Everest Online" site, and I get virtually no news from them. The only good thing about that purchase is that I heard about "The Mountain Zone" through them. Keep up the good reporting and good luck!

Sue Goddard

[Click for Everest Cybercasts and Features]

May 20, 1997

Mind blowing site. I am old enough to remember how slowly the news arrived of Sir Edmund Hillary's summit success. This is just so totally cool and incredible. It takes the edge off growing old and knowing I will never get there myself. Thank you.

Patricia Anderson

May 20, 1997

I can't properly put into words the thrill and pride I feel just following the daily cybercast dispatches of the Everest '97 expedition while sitting in my armchair -- actually desk chair -- don't tell my boss. I swallowed Into Thin Air in less than a day. This has truly captured my imagination and I just wanted to communicate my thoughts on how incredible it is to me to read the words and see the pictures direct from the source. Thanks for allowing it to happen.


May 20, 1997

It's May 20th and I'm so excited for you all. I've been following your expedition from the beginning and have learned so much. You have made me and other members of my family in other states, feel a part of the adventure. Now, as you begin moving up for you ascent effort, I am feeling such elation and hope for you all. I'm really impressed by the Sherpas, what a courageous and fun-loving people.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us all. My prayers, joining your pujas, are for a safe and successful ascent of the Great Mountain.

Sue Burgos
Las Vegas, NV

May 20, 1997

Thank you so much for providing such an excellent website for Everest '97. I have a friend, Mark Warham climbing with OTT and the only web site prepared by that team is in Icelandic! I rely on your site to keep abreast of the general news and also each team. The wide scope of the site is generous and helpful.

Nicola Bamford

May 20, 1997

Just want to tell you guys that this is by far the most exciting site on the Internet these days. You are doing one hell of a job and have accomplished something special.

I'm a non-climber, but being able to follow the exploits of Burleson and Co., as they prepare to go for the summit is a serious thrill I'm glad not to have missed.

Your frequent updates of the site with the team's satellite phone dispatches has provided us Earthbound types with an immediacy and proximity to the event that would have been impossible otherwise - and done your sport a great service at the same time.

Next time you talk to those crazies clinging to Everest's flank like bugs on a typhoonswept wall, tell them there are more people down here pulling for them than they know.

Here's wishing them godspeed and a mountain of luck.

Richard van Abbe

May 20, 1997

Good luck Todd, the whole team, and the sherpas!! We are pulling for you and enjoy watching your progress. We will be praying for your health and safety as you summit and descend. What a thrill for us in sunny San Diego California to be able to see what's happening on Mt. Everest. God Bless you all.

Janet Winkowski and family.

May 19, 1997

Hey thanks for the super job that you are doing keeping us informed on the latest events. I check two or three times a day to get updates. Great job to all involved.

To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. — Anatole France

Robert Leonard

[Click for Everest Cybercasts and Features]

May 19, 1997

Hi MZ,

Just want to let you know that we in the sea level part of the world appreciate the great coverage you are providing of the different expeditions on Everest.

The wonderful human pathos, drama, oh I need to lie down, excuse me.

Keep it up!

May 19, 1997

Todd, the team and sherpas -

Your quest has captured my imagination! On the eve of your departure to the summit yet another stranger halfway around the world is with you. I admire your courage and fortitude. All my best.

Tina Stewart

May 19, 1997

Hello Mountain Zone,

Please pass the word to Todd, Eric and Freddy and every one else that I am following with baited breath their expedition. I am just a 41 yr old single mom in Virginia raising kids but secretly wishing I were with ya'll.

I have dreamed ever since I was old enough to know about Mount Everest, that one day I would be there. However, my life has taken a different path that I must follow. Thanks to the Internet and Mountain Zone, I am able to do the next best thing.

I am with ya'll in spirit even though I'm not really there. I really worry when days go by without a word. Please travel cautiously and I'll celebrate with you upon your return!!!

God Speed-
Dianna Barbee
Crozet, VA

May 19, 1997

Too bitchin; the website is outstanding; the range of information is wonderful. I am clueing all my friends into this site.

I am a soon to be 50 yr. old attorney learning rock climbing for my 1st summit, Grand Teton, on my birthday. Been dreaming bout this since '85 and the Seven Summits. I will be my first taste. What you all are doing is too awesome to believe. Just fantastic.

Buena suerta form Ojai,Cal.

May 19, 1997

We are all enjoying your reports. Especially appreciate the one about cleaning up.

Take care of yourselves! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Climbing Everest vicariously is a piece of cake. Worrying about all of you is harder. Best wishes from the flattest place in the world (Illinois) to the highest!

Donna Metcalf

May 19, 1997

I think that the answer to "Why Climb?" can be found just by visiting your site. As someone who use to ask that question, I am surprised at how intriguing and impressive your coverage is. Thank you for sharing the experience with us!

Nikki Sanford

May 18, 1997

It is 8pm Sunday May 18. Just read Greg Wilson's Report on waiting for the 2 o'clock weather report and your goal for may 23 summit!

Best of luck and enjoy!!!!

Really enjoyed Todd's site on the cleanup of Everest! The pictures helped to see how incredible it is there.!!!

Thankyou, and I can't wait to check in tomorrow.

Carlene Fuda

May 17, 1997

On behalf of the men of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion, I want to wish Todd Burleson and his team success and a safe return from Everest. We train Ranger students in basic military mountaineering and have some climbers in the battalion with modest climbing experience. I myself competed in the Eco Challenge in British Columbia last year finishing 11th with our team. We follow things closely such as attempts on Everest each year and will discuss such things as risk analysis (very important in our planning), climbing gear and techniques, survival in a harsh environment...

Thanks, hope there are no more tragedies on Everest this year.

With admiration and respect,
LTC Luke Green,
Commander 5th Ranger
Training Battalion, Dahlonega, Georgia.

[Click for Everest Cybercasts and Features]

May 17, 1997

To everyone at mountain zone: I've been following along at your web site for the past week and have enjoyed this updates and information. It's been quite an education for me. I've never been one to follow Everest attempts before, and wondered why anyone would do such a thing. But, I'm gaining a better understanding of that now --- safely from in front of my computer!

Good luck to all! I hope the weather clears soon and that everyone remains safe.

Lori Shields

May 16, 1997

I found your website when I logged on two days ago and saw a news flash that 5 people had died on Mt. Everest. After following the story through all its links I came across your page and have been back twice to get updates on your expedition. Your page is thorough, extremely interesting and the pictures are breathtaking.

I am a 42 year old mother of two daughters (ages 14 & 8) who at one time climbed a not so tall mountain in central Oregon. I can still remember what it was like to sit at the top looking out over the most incredible sight on earth.

Good luck and I will keep following your expedition.

God bless you all,
Kelly Middleton

May 16, 1997

Hello, I would like to thank you guys and gals at Mountain Zone for your excellent coverage of the AAI Everest expedition. I really enjoy looking at your site and I wish you all good luck. Keep it up, you're ABSOULUTELY AWESOME!!!!

Thank You,
Kelly Fox

May 16, 1997

Fabulously interesting site -- I feel like a piece of the luggage being carted up the slopes. I've been boring my wife with the daily details (she's not into climbing) - Thanks!


May 15, 1997

I have been enjoying the beautiful photos, and the day to day information on your progress. I am a 74 year old grandma from Montana living in N.J. Best of everything.

Norma Brown

May 15, 1997

Fascinating Everest coverage which shows the true potential for Internet news coverage. I can't imagine where else one could go to obtain such detailed, up-to-the-minute information.


Michael Raab

May 14, 1997

Hello to all. I live in a small town in Vermont and just finished mowing the lawn. While I was at it I couldn't stop thinking about everyone there putting it on the line to reach the "top of the world". Your website is great and I find myself checking in at least once a day for updates. Though I am not a climber I stand in awe of those of you with enough courage to follow your dreams no matter the outcome. Good Luck to all and I hope everyone achieves what they set out to on this climb.

Lorri & Mark Miller

May 14, 1997

After discovering your great site from the CNN story, I'm helping get your news to the McKinley climbers. The climbing community here is really impressed with your site -- to hear live dispatches from Everest is amazing. The recent Everest news is a sobering warning for the 70 climbers now at our 7,000 basecamp.

Denise and Eric Chappel in Talkeetna, Alaska.

[Click for Everest Cybercasts and Features]

May 14, 1997

The members of Station One of the San Francisco Fire Department with you good luck on your climb. We are following you on our Internet connection at the firehouse. We have climbers in our station that mainly climb in Yosemite and the Lake Tahoe region. Hope you can start your summit attempt soon.

Good luck and God speed.
Members of Station One

May 13, 1997

What a great site !!! Thank you so much for a spectacular and beautiful presentation. I learned so much in such a short time. Wish I could really understand why such outstanding people risk so much for the summit, but I think that is a secret of the heart that does not translate easily to those who are not part of a very special group of people. Thanks again for sharing so much knowledge and beauty.

Robert Lunsford

May 13, 97


You have the best web page on the net.

Can you wish those Canadian climbers, Jamie Clarke and Alan Hobson well from David Luskin from Boulder, colorado?

Thanks and good luck.
David Luskin

May 13, 1997

Saddened to hear the tragic news from the North Face, praying that every one else on The Mountain gets down safely, even if not "summitting."

Gordon Cottle

May 13, 1997

What a spectacular Internet Site ! Your team has done a remarkable job of illustrating the beauty and danger of the Everest Climbing attempts. I had little knowledge of what the climbers faced until viewing this site. Very well done, keep up the good work.

Lorne McClelland
Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

May 12, 1997

I have been following this expedition since it started back in March, and everyday I go on the Internet, the first site I go to is "Everest 97 ".I read all the daily dispatches which are very informative.

I was saddened yesterday, May 11th,when I learned about the death of seven climbers on the South side of Mount Everest. [ed.'s note: five climbers died on the North Side of Everest in the incident being referred to.] It's too bad that such tragedy has to occur when your dream is to reach the top of that mountain. I hope that the rest of all the expeditions go well, and that every member realizes his dream (especially yours). I will keep following your daily reports from Everest, from my Internet site.

God bless you all.
Bernard Deslauriers

May 11, 1997

Dear Todd,

We watch each day your progress from the comfort of our computer room but with intense longing to be part of the action. Thank you for sharing with us what must be the experience of a lifetime. Plan on a Nepal trip in May of next year with a limited trek. I'll be the blond grandmother with tired muscles in the bar of the Yak and Yetti. Buy you another drink!

God speed.

Susan H. Fritz dpfritz@worldnet.att.net

May 10, 97

Every blessing to you all, from all church of Ireland parishioners in the parish of St. Nicholas Dundalk, Ireland.

Mark Wilson

[Click for Everest Cybercasts and Features]

May 10, 1997

You guys are the greatest!! I do not believe any other sport, including pro football, compares with the toughness of what you have to endure and go through.

I have never had the experience but I can relate to it and respect you so much.

Good luck and God bless you all,

Ken Riddle
South Carolina

May 10, 1997

Dear Hallgrimur and Hordur:

Love from everyone in Jerusalem, we all wish you a good and safe climb. We will keep updating through the Internet.

Good Luck!

Asa & Cris Gudnason
Edda & Yarom Vardimon
Dror Vardimon

May 9, 1997

What a great use of the Web. I have read every detail that you have put on the Expedition Site. I might be able to physically attempt a climb like this, but I could never do it mentally. I find it fascinating, intriguing, and absolutely spell binding.

Climbing is one event that I am strictly a spectator. As a person with a Masters in Psychology, I would be interested in the mental aspects, thoughts, fears, (etc.) and how you (or other climbers) are able to deal with them. I cannot imagine just going over the ice fall.

Good luck.
Bob Meunier, Boise, ID. adduce@juno.com

May 8, 1997

Your Everest coverage is GREAT!!!!

I've been following the daily reports since early April and am very excited for Todd and the team. I hope the weather changes soon and their summit bid goes well.

I love the real audio phone calls it is really something to hear the reports directly from the climbers.

Keep up the good work!! And send best wishes to the team for their summit attempt.


Craig Stowell
Calgary, Canada

Mar 21, 1997


These are some great pictures you've got here. Have you thought of publishing them? Either on a picture book or selling them as posters. It's practically impossible to find Himalayan posters and you've got some pictures here that would make excellent posters. [Click here for the Everest Poster store.]

Manny Freitas

Apr 2, 1997

To the Everest Team:

Hoping all a good climb. Let the mountain god's be with you!

I am an old climber with one first assent in Alaska, and a few European climbs under my belt. I don't climb any more, my wife doesn't approve. Yet, sometimes looking at the Olympic Range in spring, I start to think about the old days.

Kudos on the Internet site; this is what all this technology is about!! A real time link to the great adventure. I plan to follow the site every day and see how things unfold.

Keep up the good work and post lots of updates to the web.


Wishing you all the best,
Rick Stingle
Port Orchard, WA.

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