The Songs
1. Strummit from the Summit
2. I Really Caribou You
3. Throw Me a Line
4. Gnawing the Burnt Crust of Failure
5. Exposed
6. Him and the Mountain
7. Chasin' Rainbows
8. Small Time
9. Ranger Stu
10. Dog Doo
11. Cookie Cutter Cowboys
12. Chuck
13. You Never Wrote
14. Beautiful
15. I'm Illiterate
16. Train Song
17. Adam & Steve
Strummit From The Summit
Alaskan Climbers Play Songs of Summits, Love and Moose
Marty Raney and Vern Tejas Strummit From The Summit Alaskan Climbing Music CD Hear the Tunes
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Hear audio song excerpts of Strummit From The Summit Alaskan Climbing Music CD by Vern Tejas and Marty Raney

About The CD
Though not actually recorded on the summit of Denali, "Strummit From The Summit" features Alaskan climbers Vernon Tejas and Marty Raney who have jammed on glaciers all over the world. Tejas is a mountain guide best known for the first solo winter ascent of Denali during which he made the rare concession to carry a harmonica instead of his homemade fiddle, the pack-ready Strata Vernius. Raney is a song-writer, carpenter, and all around Alaskan hardguy. The CD was engineered and mixed by Stu Schulman, and recorded at The Little Room Studio in Anchorage, Alaska.

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