The Teams of Eco-Challenge '97

Over 200 athletes representing 16 countries will gather in tropical North Queensland, Australia to compete in what Newsweek has called "the world's toughest race," the Discovery Eco-Challenge. The participating mixed-gender teams will travel unassisted through a 300 mile expedition consisting of canoeing, mountain biking, canyoneering, outback trekking, whitewater rafting, climbing, ocean kayaking and horseback riding.

Following is a snapshot of some teams competing in Australia with a complete list lower on the page:

Team Eco-Internet celebrates the much-coveted first place in '96.
(photo: Eco-Challenge)
Team Eco-Internet: a multi-national group that met on the Internet and swept the first place spot in the 1996 Eco-Challenge in British Columbia.

Team Eco-Agents, U.S.A.: FBI agents raising money for D.A.R.E. They speak at schools around the U.S. encouraging children to stay away from drugs.

Team Anteverto, Netherlands: Dutch Special Forces Parachute Brevets and police officers, who speak five different languages.

Team Dalriada, Northern Ireland: both Protestants and Catholics, who will show the world that people of religious differences can work together for a common goal. They are also racing for two charities: the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team and the Spina-Bifida Association.

Team Ertips, France: a strongly competitive team that won first place in the 1997 Raid Gauloises in Lethoso, South Africa.

Team Malaysia: a jungle rescue team that includes a member of the Dayak head hunter tribe from the jungles of Kapit Borneo, who spent four years living with Aboriginal Tribes in Australia.

Team New York's Finest, U.S.A.: the N.Y.P.D. scuba team who were registered for the 1996 race, but unable to compete as they were called to dive at the TWA Flight 800 crash site.

Team Pure Energy Australia: encompassing four winners of two different Eco-Challenge events. Three of the team members won the 1995 New England race and the additional member was part of the team that won the 1996 British Columbia race. Team Captain Andrew Hislop was voted one of the Most Eligible Bachelors of Australia.

# Country Team Name Captain
1 New Zealand/US Team Eco-Internet Robert Nagle
2 France Team France Raid Adventure Gilles Zok
3 Australia Team Pure Energy Australia Jane Hall
4 New Zealand Team Canterbury Kiwis Steve Gurney
5 New Zealand/US Team Endeavour Team Endeavour
6 New Zealand Team New Zealand Ian Edmond
7 France/US Team ARS Cathy Sassin
8 US Team ATR One Adrian Crane
9 New Zealand Team Wild South Adventure Murray Thomas
10 Australia Team Red Hot Tim Smallwood
11 New Zealand Team Kiwis Outside John Knight
12 US Team S.C.A.R. David Kelly
13 US Team Red Wolf Tracyn Thayer
14 Canada Team Canada Alex Blodgett
15 France Team Paris Robert Alzon
16 Australia Team Australian Army David White
17 Germany Team Germany Peter Weiland
18 France Team France Patrice Lafontaine
19 US Team Dew Mitch Utterback
20 Sweden Team Peak Sweden Mats Andersson
21 US Team Big Sky Darin Fredericks
22 US Team Stray Dogs Bob Haugh
23 US Team Odyssey Don Mann
24 US Team Wilderness Classic Roman Dial
25 Canada Team Western Canada Paul Williams
26 US Team Ranger Bill Banker
27 Japan Team East Wind Masato Tanaka
28 Australia Team Tasmania Matt Dalziel
29 Canada Team Outback Dave Zietsma
30 US/France Team UC_VR Ken Burres
31 Japan Team TKO Masashi Okada
32 Mexico Team Mexico Ramon Rivas
33 US Team R.O.A.M. Andy Petranek
34 US Team Kilroy Linda Stowe
35 US Team Vail Billy Mattison
36 UK Team Dimensions Richard Montague
37 Finland Team Halti Tom Packalen
38 UK Team Xtreme Chris Charlton
39 Mexico Team Eco-Tonatiuh Yolitzin Martinez
40 The Netherlands Team Anteverto Toine Doreleijers
42 Northern Ireland Team Dalriada Brian Elliott
43 South Africa Team Big Five Benedict Weaver
44 Canada Team Raven Wolf Al Bishop
45 US Team Country Mark Todd O'Toole
46 US Team Houston Michelle Blaine
47 US Team Eco-Agents Eddie Freyer
48 US Team New York's Finest Ray Nalpant
49 US Team Miami Project for Paralysis Tom Meier