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Journey Is Not Over Yet
Saturday, April 3, 1999 — 6:50am (PST)

Ace Kvale
Hear Ace's Call
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It's Ace Kvale calling in on April 3rd, and we're here at Base Camp and it's a pretty nice evening out. We want to pass the phone around to a few people and let you know what's going on. John Falkiner is going to say a few words about the expedition. I know he wants to deliver a message to his family also, so I'll pass you over to John Falkiner.

John Falkiner: This expedition has been the realization of quite a number of years of planning with Ace and Nicolai and we've been incredibly fortunate with getting the weather windows and the weather breaks that have made a successful summit attempt possible.

For us, on many trips that you go on, you can plan for years and you don't actually make the summit, and in this particular case, we've been very, very fortunate. Our team has been excellent. One of the most compatible teams that I've every had the pleasure and privilege to travel with. We've got away with no incidents, no accidents in quite a delicate situation concerning crevasses and cold, and basically we're very happy, but no journey is finished until you arrive back home. We still have a number of days to go. With that I'll leave you, and if I may I'd just like to leave a brief message to my family, Jessie, Laura and Darcie. Look at the moon, close your eyes and touch your lips, and I'm right there. Thank you very much.

I'd like to pass you on now to Nicolai as he's standing right here, and he's got a few words he'd like to say in English and Russian. Thank you very much.

Nicolai: Hi, I'm Nicolai... I was responsible for the Russian side of organization of this expedition. Here with my colleagues and friends, we were once before we worried about organization of food, fuel and everything, because I think now it's possible that the good organization helped us to survive this bad weather in the mountain and find weather window with John... couple weeks ago. And I want to say that it was absolutely great pleasure to climb with such a team.

There was only problem, was big deal for me and for Yuri, the skiing down, so tough, sometimes very tough, and now, our ... [unintelligible, satellite signal failed].

Ace Kvale, John Falkiner and their Russian friend Nicolai, Mountain Zone Correspondents


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