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Aprés-Summit, Living Large
Friday, April 2, 1999 — 6:40am (PST)

Ace Kvale
Hear Ace's Call
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It's Ace Kvale calling from Siberia, and we kind of had a rest day today because we had a bit of a celebration last night. We learned that we're maybe some of the few or first Americans to climb this mountain. I'm sure not the first, but they don't seem to think many others, certainly not many telemarkers and no snowboarders.

We had a great, great climb and we were out for seven days total — pretty amazing. It's actually warming up a little bit here. It's probably only zero instead of the 10 and 20 and 30-below temperatures we've been having. Today's just been a rest day. We're figuring out our plan. I guess we're going to get some horses to trek out of here for a couple days. Everybody's just kind of having a sauna, and doing [unintelligible] kind of just kicking back after working so hard for about a week.

I don't know if they got my message the other day, but I wanted to say hi and love to my son Walter and all of Dennis Green's fifth grade class in Telluride, Colorado. I hope they're all following us on the Net and also John wanted to send his love to his daughters Jesse and Laura and his wife Darcie.

We've had a great, unbelievable expedition, and it's still... it's really beautiful here — kind of cloudy, kind of quiet now, a little bit subdued after our celebration. Things are going really well. I also just wanted to say that it's great working with you guys, and we love the little messages that we get from you, so it's really fun to be connected to home and that's all I can think of for right now. If we come up with something we'll call again. But thanks for all your support. We really appreciate it. It's been great. At first I didn't want this phone out here, and now it's been one of the greatest things we have. So thanks again, this is Ace Kvale checking out.

Ace Kvale, Mountain Zone Correspondent


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