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Over Ice and Rock to the Summit
Wednesday, March 31, 1999 — 7:20am (PST)

Scot Schmidt
Hear Scot's Call
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Hello Mountain Zone, this is Scot Schmidt calling from the southeast side of Mt. Belukha. Today was summit day. We succeeded, and we reached the summit. The weather was good when we started and it got very harsh toward mid-day and it was very nasty on top.

We ran into a lot of ice, a lot of mixed rock and ice. We were unable to ski from the summit but we did ski the south face — not from the top, but the main south face from the bergshrund down.

It was a long day. We all arrived back here at Camp 3 just before dark. Everybody is beat. Tomorrow we head back to the bails. So, we've got probably nine hours of hiking and climbing to do to get out of here and that's the plan for tomorrow. But it was an incredible climb today and we're all really ecstatic that we made the summit. It's been a very harsh and demanding trip and we're glad that we succeeded. Everybody wanted to way thanks to our sponsors, especially The North Face and The Mountain Zone for making it all possible. It was just a great adventure and we're happy to have climbed Mt. Belukha.

We'll let you know tomorrow if we made it out of the mountains okay. Alright, that's it for now. Hopefully you'll hear from us tomorrow. Okay, bye.

Scot Schmidt, Mountain Zone Correspondent


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