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Hello America from Alec
Monday, March 29, 1999 — 6:04am (PST)

Ace Kvale
Hear their call
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It's Ace calling again and we have one of our Russian friends here, his name is Alec, and he's a great friend of ours. He's a friend of Barry Tessman from Kernville, California. I'm not sure if he's from this region — we can't speak with him that well — but he wants to say hello to you guys.

Alec: Hello, hello America... yeah.

Scot Schmidt: Okay, Scot Schmidt checking in. That's pretty much it. I guess if you don't hear from us, like we said, the batteries have died or we are getting a weak signal. We're all doing well, everybody's bodies and physical condition is fine so, okay... that's it for now. Over.

Scot Schmidt, Ace Kvale and their Russian friend Alec, Mountain Zone Altai Expedition Correspondents.


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