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Karate, Guitar and Vodka
Monday, March 22, 1999 — 6:39am (PST)

Jim Zellers
Hear Jim's Call
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Hello, this is Jim Zellers and Scot Schmidt from the Altai calling in the daily report.

Let's see, today — we really don't know what day it is today and I have really no idea what the date is or the day of the week, but we're gearing up for tomorrow; we're going to go up to the first camp and stock the camp up and get ready.

Today, we pretty much geared everybody with sorting gear and packing, we learned a few karate moves, played a bunch of guitar, toasted many vodka toasts to the rest day and to the days to come. We were denied a sauna because that would make us too sluggish. And we have really [inaudible] weather — it's been gusting to 160 mph here barometer's dropped 13 millibars. A huge, huge pressure gradient has hit and it seems like the gusts aren't quitting right now... [satellite signal failed]

Jim Zellers, pro snowboarder


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