The Everest FAQ Answers [CLICK FOR INDEX] 5.) How do you train for Everest?

Climber Dave Hahn This one is different for everybody. Many of us professional climbers and guides did our real training back in our early years when we simply "wanted" to go to Everest. Now we get to maintain that level of fitness.

For example, in my 20s, I actually loved swimming endless miles, running mountain trails, carrying 100 lb packs, lifting the odd barbell and working hellish mountain-guiding schedules. Nowadays, I'm often on the job on some high and cold mountain while the next Everest trip is shaping up.

Training might just consist of living the good life while home before the trip. For me, patrolling in a ski area does the job nicely. Play hard, hike as much as possible, haul down hurt people, drink margaritas and get plenty of sleep before flying around the world. Just go over healthy and you are way ahead of many folks who will be so stressed out before an Everest climb that they will catch most of the world's germs on the way.

Mount Everest photos Eric Simonson expedition There may well be an optimal age for this type of climbing (which, personally, I hope is 37) before and after which one has to train like a dog. The farther on either side from that perfect age, the more dog-like the workouts needed. Running is good (but bad for the knees). Lifting weights is good, riding a bike is good, rock climbing is good, swimming is good... but the absolutely, without a doubt best workout for climbing is climbing. Get good at walking up steep snow-slopes at high altitude with a pack on by walking up steep snow-slopes at high altitude with a pack on.

Dave Hahn, Climber

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