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January 19, 2000: Mallory & Irvine: The Final Word
June 15: Climber Dave Hahn Interview
June 15: Historian Jochen Hemmleb Interview
June 11: North American Press Conference
June 10: Expedition Leader Eric Simonson Interview


  • Mallory's Body Found On Everest
  • Statement From George Mallory's Daughter
  • Mallory's Body Photographed

    North Side: Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition
    North Camp V Veteran climber and Everest summiter Eric Simonson leads his team of high altitude mountaineers and historians up the North Ridge in search of clues to the 1924 disappearance of British climbers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine.

    South Side: Millennium Expedition
    Everest South Side Expedition Five time Everest summiter Pete Athans leads his team up the South Col in an attempt to measure by GPS the true height of Everest and then attempt to summit neighboring Lhotse and Nuptse, the first successful "Everest Trilogy" by a single team in a single season.
    Latest Dispatch (Sat, May 22): The Corfield Summit Bid Blow-By-Blow

    Alpine Ascents International Khumbu Trek
    Trek To Everest Base Camp Join Everest summiter and guide Todd Burleson as he leads a group of 15 trekkers from Kathmandu to Lukla, and then up the famous Khumbu region of Nepal to Everest Base Camp.

    Everest Store: Something for Everyone Everest Store
    Gear, books, posters, videos, prayer flags, T-shirts... All Everest, All The Time. All for sale online.

    Everest Auctions: Something for Everyone Everest Auctions
    Bid on gear, posters signed by Everest summiters, Everest gift packages, treks to Everest Base Camp and more.

    Expedition Everest: Play The Game
    Expedition Everest: Play The Game Try your wits against the world's biggest mountain. See if you can suck it up all the way to the top or toss your cookies all over the Rongbuk.

    Everest Forum
    Got a question, a thought, or just want to cheat on the Expedition Game? Want to see what others are asking, thinking, and naming their Sherpas. Talk Everest in the Everest Forum.

    Virtual Everest 3-D Model
    See Mount Everest as you never have before; rotate it at the click of a mouse button, or fly around it in a virtual aerial tour.

    Everest '98
    All the day by day excitement of The Mountain Zone's 1998 live coverage of Mount Everest climbs.

    Everest '97
    All the day by day excitement of The Mountain Zone's 1997 live coverage of Mount Everest climbs.

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    Archives of all the cybercasts, news, and features from The Mountain Zone's Everest coverage.