North Side Dispatches
Satellite phone updates from the International Mountain Guides commercial climb on the North Side of Everest. Audio requires the free RealPlayer or NetShow Player

Dave Hahn
Dave Hahn,
Expedition Leader
(photo: Simonson)
North Side Details

An illustration of the main features of northern Everest.

Climber Eric Simonson describes the Northeast Ridge route.

Continue the Adventure: EVEREST '99
The Mountain Zone returns to Everest with Dave Hahn and Eric Simonson as they ascend the North Ridge Route of Everest in an attempt to find evidence of fallen climbers Mallory and Irvine who disappeared on the upper mountain in 1924.

Leaving Everest
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"A few of our team will have to begin plotting, scheming and begging for ways to get back to Mount Everest. Myself, I know for sure I'll return... It has just become enough a part of me now..."

The Summit Attempt, Part VIII
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"Well, I was still worried. We'd been poking the grizzly and now it was time to drop the stick and run without stumbling..."

The Summit Attempt, Part VII
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"This area had no fixed rope, and although it was easy, I doubt that any of us avoided at least a suspicious glance or two down the big hungry North Face..."

The Summit Attempt, Part VI
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"None of the gully will impress a rock climber back home. It is like climbing onto the dining room table, then up onto the China cabinet, then over onto the thing that holds the table linen..."

The Summit Attempt, Part V
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"But man, he was walking slow and stopping often. It all worked to create a gut-wrenching tension for me. Do we assume he is in trouble, run up and try to help him?..."

The Summit Attempt, Part IV
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"Craig and the boys were back from the top, Alex was getting water in them, and Heather and Pinzo were slapping them on their backs... I could attend such meetings forever..."

The Summit Attempt, Part III
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"They weren't getting an easy one from what I could see; the wind was blowing up there... I hoped for just good climbing without moral dilemmas and trauma for our first team..."

The Summit Attempt, Part II
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"Going to 27,200' is somewhat serious. When a 747 does that, it uses four engines the size of dump-trucks. And a passle of fossil fuel..."

The Summit Attempt, Part I
Monday, June 1 — Base Camp
"As I lay semi-dying at Camp V in what passed for turning in for the night, I found myself churning over the day past and the prospects for the day to come..."

Six on Hahn's Team Summit; All Safe in Base Camp
Friday, May 29 — Base Camp
Happy to be safe and proud of what they've accomplished, the team is troubled by deaths on the mountain.

Update: No Word Yet From Hahn's Team Still on the Mountain
Thursday, May 28
Dave Hahn's team, which moved up the mountain to attempt the summit late last week, should be back in base camp soon. We expect an update from them as soon as they descend. No further information has been confirmed about the death reported on Sunday.

NEWS BULLETIN: American Reported Dead
Sunday, May 24
Russian climbers on the north side of Everest report an American has died and another climber is missing on the northeast ridge route.

Update: Hahn's Team Poised For A Summit Attempt
Saturday, May 23
Wally Berg, currently in base camp on the south side of Everest (in Nepal), has been in radio contact with Dave Hahn who is high on the mountain's north side route and is ready to attempt a summit bid with his team. Berg reports high winds over Everest today though and believes this may delay Hahn's attempt. If Hahn does make the summit, he may bring down the GPS receiver mounted on Bishop's Rock by Berg a few days ago so that scientists can get the first ever GPS data from the highest bedrock on the planet.

19 People Summit Everest from the North
Moday, May 18 — Base Camp
"Looking out at the North Face glowing in the dusk, Everest seems just as formidable, grand and elegant as it did before today's 19 had their good day. The mountain does not appear to be diminished by tiny people crawling up a flank or two..."

A Crowd on the Northeast Ridge
Sunday, May 17 — Base Camp
"It takes a fairly strong, experienced, and motivated team to push out onto summit terrain with the resources for finding the way, breaking trail through snow (if necessary), and fixing rope through difficulties..."

Finally, The North Side Team
Saturday, May 16 — Base Camp
"It is actually the first time since Kathmandu that we've all been in the same place..."

Eye of the Storm
Wednesday, May 13 — Base Camp
"When the weather does break, there is going to be a rush on the upper mountain that we want no part of..."

Precarious Pleasure Dome
Monday, May 11 — Base Camp
"Sometimes, in your endless quest to turn snow to water, you find yourself staring at the stove, angry that it is using your precious oxygen..."

To The North Col
Monday, May 11 — Base Camp
"It is usually a rookie who brags to you about how fast they reached the North Col. The question you politely don't ask them is why they didn't carry a more appropriate load..."

Abusing Yourself the Everest Way
Monday, May 11 — Base Camp
"You don't ask your body for feedback in the first five minutes... or thirty, or forty. You know the answer..."

Waiting Out The Jet Stream
Sunday, May 10 — Base Camp
"Most folks go bat-shit nuts sitting too long in a dusty base camp when they came to be buff-gnarly climbers..."

ABC Town Meeting
Friday, May 8 — Base Camp
"World relations... easy stuff. Next day, climbing... hard stuff..."

The International Diplomacy of Rope Fixing
Friday, May 8 — Base Camp
"Apparently they'd expected Slowman to ignore them, use the rope they'd put in and just further a non-cooperative climate that would brew until 16 or 17 climbing teams were involved in ice-axe assaults, tent robberies, and general mayhem that would make the editors of Outside Magazine salivate..."

The Jet Stream Came To Play
Friday, May 8 — Base Camp
"Wouldn't want to be up there right now. Man-Oh-Man is it rocking on top..."

Long Way For Some Hot Tang
Wednesday, May 6 — Base Camp
"Perhaps you are whupped and exhaustionized and now remembering that the IMG American camp is several hundred feet still higher..."

The Snow Is Praying
Wednesday, May 6 — Base Camp
"To me though, it is just walking into a shark's mouth surrounded by countless teeth, and looking over to the right you see that Everest's North Face has reappeared, doubtless in complete control of the shark's mouth..."

Walking The Walk
Wednesday, May 6 — Base Camp
"Better take off the head tunes. Rocks fall down here, they're easy enough to avoid if you hear them coming, but it would be an embarrassing way to go if you didn't..."

Base Camp Cooties
Monday, May 4 — Base Camp
Hahn and others on the team work through the coughs and ails of altitude; some are going strong, and some are calling it a day.

Heading Up to ABC and the North Col
Wednesday, April 22 — Base Camp
Dave Hahn plans to begin establishing camps higher on the mountain.

The Sobering Memorial Hill
Sunday, April 19 — Base Camp
Remembering past tragedies, wondering at the epic successes, and anticipating the climb ahead.

Arrival At Base Camp
Expedition Intro — Base Camp
Setting up house on the Rongbuk Glacier, Tibet.

Taking A Look Around
Expedition Intro — Base Camp
The Tibetan plateau on the road to base camp.

From Nepal to Tibet
Expedition Intro — Base Camp
Adventure at every turn on the approach to the north side base camp.

This Is A Climbing Trip
Expedition Intro — Base Camp
Everest from the north is a different experience than any other route on the mountain.