Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vitamin I - interesting article

As a First Endurance athlete I receive their weekly newsletter. This week's topic interested me as whether to use ibuprofen or not is a question that comes up quite frequently from endurance athletes. This article is pretty scientific in its explanation, but gets the point across. At the very least read the recommendations at the bottom of the letter.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The girl who started it all

A great article about the woman who got out there, proved the guys wrong and finished Boston in spite of many challenges on the race course along the way. A great piece of history for females in sport.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Lucky me

Traveling for work has its perks and downfalls (not much sleep, crazy eating schedule). For me, I enjoy getting to explore new places and I especially enjoy getting out for a trail run with a friend local to the area. My only problem is that I am a last minute planner. That is, I tend to arrive in town and realize, "oh! so-and-so lives here, maybe we can go for a run." It is hard to do this to anyone so last minute, but in this most recent trip to Philly, Montrail/Nathan Teammate Barry Lewis more than rose to the occasion. Not only did he get me out for an amazing trail run on Thursday morning, I also got to enjoy his spin class the night before. Only my 3rd spin class to date, but I love the work out and he is a great instructor; super motivating!
Philly run

Barry's friends Drew and Pete joined us for the 2 hour loop Thursday morning in the Wissahickon Valley. It was such a treat to get out on trail for a couple of hours, to get to know Barry a bit and a little more about Philly. The trail system is really close to the city and one could easily get a 20+ mile run in without having to loop over the same trails too often. Great dirt, some rocky sections and rolling hills (nothing too sustained for climbing). Thanks again guys!