Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Running is

  • a way to calm the inner chaos
  • a way to gain perspective
  • meditation
  • me time
  • free expression of who I am (like dancing)
  • my extremities working in harmony with my heart and lungs
  • my coping mechanism
  • peace and peace of mind
  • how I identify myself in certain circles
  • and something I keep as a special secret in others

This was actually a journal entry for me a couple of weeks ago. Rereading it I thought I would share.


Lisa B said...

Nice, Krissy! Funny I was thinking just today about "why I run" and I thought, and the thought came to me that running ultras is the closest I'll get to feeling "primitive" and stripped of all the world's fancies. Certainly a freedom I experience on the trails. And then there are all the reason's you mentioned too! Thanks for the nice soothing thoughts on running.

And CONGRATS on winning the Chicago 50k! I love that race. It's a bit tougher than one would think for a 'flat and fast' course, but it's filled with great people and atmosphere. I was sorry to miss it this year. Nice job!

12:41 AM  
Nicole said...

Krissy, thanks for keeping a blog! I'm a longtime trail runner and new ultrarunner.

What does the last bullet point mean?

10:22 AM  
Krissy Moehl said...

Nicole -
keeping the fact that I love running and racing long distances a secret in certain circles... it just means that there are some groups of people I like to hang out with or in meeting new people where I don't feel it necessary to go into that part of my life. Perhaps they won't appreciate or understand what it is. Or there are times that I want to be known for something other than the "crazy runner girl"

11:12 AM  
olga said...

Very well said...may be I should send it to my hubby:) Congrats on Chicago pavement!

12:09 PM  
tim said...

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Bob Gentile said...

Well said You "crazy runner girl" :-)

lately the top of what Running is doing for me is to CLEAR my head!

I am launching another business venture and it's causing me to be in a FOG because of taking in a lot of information SO running has been, well I guess lack of better words--


Thanks for sharing!

5:32 AM  
Jessica Deline said...

Simple and poignant. good post!

2:07 PM  

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