Friday, March 30, 2007

Life on the Road & Chuckanut Recap

I am fortunate that my “work” travel is enjoyable. I like the people that I work and travel with; I enjoy the places I get to visit and the topics of our meetings – running, sport and product. A highlight for anyone that travels for work is meeting up with a local trail running group and sharing in one of their favorite runs. While in California earlier this week I had the opportunity to meet up with a group of So.Cal runners and squeeze in a fun 1.5 hour morning run near Laguna Hills. Most of the runners could point to their houses as we snaked up the valley and then turned left on to a climb that led us to “top of the world.” A fantastic morning! Charlie Nickell has the, quote "dubious responsibility of providing fresh editorial (not accurate) for the OCTR web site." Here is his Wednesday run re-cap. If interested:

Also, I realize that I never posted about Chuckanut - I did put a quick race synopsis on the GBRC Chuckanut site and one of the GBRC members that ran the race also posted a story. And finally - my pictures. This photo links to 50 photos I took throughout the day.


Josh Pitts said...

Thanks go to you and al the spectacular volunteers who stood out in the cold and rain to put together a great event. I drove from California for my first 50k and it couldn't have been more fun (or wet) It was also great to meet you briefly (I saw you at Fairhaven Runners the day before the run)as you are kind of a hero to many amateur trail runners. Great job. And please thank all the volunteers. -Josh Pitts

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