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The Last Howl

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Call it a cult, call it a group of crazies… the Coyote 4 Play event made its tenth and final run this year in the traditional stomping grounds of Ojai and at Pt. Mugu State park just south of Oxnard in Southern California. (February 20-26). The traditional C4P is 4 days of running – Thurs- 7 miles, Fri- 50 miles, Sat- 40 miles, Sun-30 miles. For those seeking more, you can join in the Scrub Run of the Backbone trail which adds about another 70 miles – Tues- 38 miles, Wed- 29 miles. Each evening is filled with a group dinner and entertainment: bowling, talent show, awards (not for running).

For the last four years C4P has been a great getaway; get away from the gray and wet winter of Seattle for some fun running in the California sun. Each year stands out in my mind for something different and each provides a variety of memories. The first year was my break through year – I learned very quickly how much the mind controls your ability to move forward. There was the poison oak year, the rain year, the year I finally ran all the miles, the sexy trail markers year (wait that happened more than once!), Barb twirling the baton, the year of the Canadians, boner miles, the year I got to help make grilled cheese at the base of butt crack rock, the twirly hats, this year I added the scrub run to all the miles. Four glorious years of running mixed with socializing with a super fun, super positive group of people that love the trails.

C4P has been a key event in my calendar for 4 years and many more for others in the group. It’s a time to renew why we do this, why we run. It’s not competing, but about sharing trail time. About doing what we love. It breathes life & resets the clock. I would like to say thank you to all involved, for each personality there makes the event what it is. The head guys Chris and H’ard bring together a helpful crew; they arrange evening entertainment and provide the grounds for a variety of entertainment to occur. This event will be missed by many; it is best put by Roch, there will be a hole in the 2008 ultrarunning calendar.


Jessica Deline said...

I've never been to C4P but from reading your report and hearing from Andy it sounds like an event that will be missed by many! At least you were able to enjoy it one more time. 4 Years for the 4Play seems like a fitting end :)

6:44 PM  
Bob Gentile said...

Krissssssssssssssssssy Welcome Back!

I was getting tired at looking at where did the time go? POST -lol

I am like umm where did Krissy go :-)

Sounds like an awesome event and great people to be around! Well you have good pictures to hold your memories for many many years to follow from C4P!

Yes C4P door closed but you know what that means, a few more will now open...ahhh Life is great huh!!

Take care and thanks for the post,


9:08 PM  
Kendall K said...

I was sad to learn that this year was the final chapter of C4P. I had always wanted to go and participate, but never managed to make it. Truly, my loss. I guess the only appropriate response is to do something similar in the Pacific NW. How about a Bigfoot Frolic?
Kendall - PS see you at Chuckanut

7:59 AM  
olga said...

It is sad to learn it's over, what reminds me to NOT put away things I'd like to do hoping I'll have time later. I had great time reading about it for the last 3 years I knew it exsisted:)

Oh, and I got the pack and LOVE it!

11:04 AM  

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