Sunday, March 11, 2007

Miracle of Life

In the last week I have had the opportunity to spend some time with lots of little ones. I feel I am at that point in my life where nearly everyone around me has or is having kids. It is such an amazing and mind blowing thing for me to watch my girl friends go through the whole pregnancy process and even more-so watch them raise these little beings. Being a part of the children’s’ lives is so precious and watching them change and evolve into their own independent little beings… again is amazing.

jackson knowles booher

One week old in this picture is Jackson Knowles – he joined Ellie and Chris and is slowly easing them into the parenting process as a mellow, yet alert little guy. Born at 7lbs, 5oz with a full head of dark hair he is healthy and still so little!

Up north in Burlington, where I grew up, I got to attend Noah’s 2nd Birthday party. My friend, Jonna who I have known since high school track, is now pregnant with Noah’s little sister (due 3/19!). The other two little girls that show up in the pictures frequently are Brenda’s girls (another friend from HS track).
the birthday boy balloon room! girl buds

Spending time with friends is always important and I am so thankful for the long term friendships I have built. You know the kind where you may not see each other every day, and at some point (college for me) perhaps a year goes by, but it doesn’t matter. From the moment you reconnect it’s like you went for a run together the day before and haven’t missed a beat.


Kendra Borgmann said...

Krissy, this was a cute post. You are so full of heart! I've always liked how close you've stayed with your friends from before you turned all famous. :) Did you know I started a blog? Ya do now! See you soon, it's going to be a fun weekend full of green green green!

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