Wednesday, February 14, 2007

where did the time go?

kalalau trail

All of a sudden, it is the middle of February. Where did January go? At the very least it was filled with two fun trips, Hawaii and Salt Lake City. Matt & I spent a relaxing week after HURT in Kauai (click on the flowers to see more pictures). Home for a few days then off to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer show.

Montrail booth Nathan booth

It was great being back in Salt Lake for the show; its always a bit hectic, but never-the-less great getting to see friends from the industry and get to know my new co-employees at Penguin Brands. To further that, the Penguin crew got to spend three days in Park City for meetings and I got to learn how to SKI!

first time skiing ski coach snowshoeing

All of the travel, running, lack of sleep and high energy got the best of me and the last week has found me super rundown and sick. A different, slower pace for a couple of days tried my patience, but the rest was probably good. I hope you have been able to avoid the bug.


Bob Gentile said...

Hi Krissy, yes times "ZIPS ON" by huh...

cool blog found you from Lisa B

Take care and I will be back :-)


11:12 AM  
Bob Gentile said...

Krissy I just posted about being a FIGHTER and the importance of to FIGHT for want you want...would be so cool if u can stop by and post a comment on what you are fighting for... fellow runner bloggers follow you and even have mentioned you with the likes of a running legend Ann Trason, so stop by if u can and share a FIGHT or two with us :-)


12:12 PM  
olga said...

Great pictures! You need to write more, you've got lots of followers:)

12:44 PM  

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