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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Touching this sign signified the end of 100 miles of the HURT 100 this weekend. For those that love the family feel of ultrarunning, a super challenging run, warm weather (i.e. a break from your winter). You will find it at HURT. I'm sticking to my belief that long distance running kills brain cells as both Matt and I are moving quite slow in the last couple of days and trying to think of what to write for a race write up well, lets just say I'll work on that. Thanks for the fun notes, emails, well wishes and comments on both my blog and the HURT site. Your positive energy was much appreciated as I looped around those knarly trails!


Jessica Deline said...

Can't wait for the report. Congrats on your awesome finish and yet another record!!

10:28 PM  
Lloyd said...


4:16 AM  
Gretchen said...

You're amazing Krissy! Can't wait to hear all the details.

10:15 AM  
Ryan said...

Wowsers…what an amazing day at HURT100. It must be all that training in the White Mountains ; ) Cheers Krissy and give my well wished to Matt he certainly takes after you!
Keep on keeping on!

11:24 AM  
Christian & Natasha said...

I have found that cold beer on a tropical beach is a sure fired way to restore any brain activity and synapses that are lost from hard physical activity.

Dr. Silk

3:18 PM  

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