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Friday, November 03, 2006

Pictures from Southern Utah

upheaval canyon
Originally uploaded by kmoehl2000.
Hopefully you can link to this set of pictures.

Yesterday after a morning run in Fish and Owl Canyons (just a place I found while driving) I toured the Natural Bridges. Then headed to Canyonlands and snuck in the 5.8 mile Neck Springs Loop just before sunset. Camped out in Willow Flats Campground then went out for the 5 star Upheaval Loop. More of a scramble than a run this loop (plus an out and back) were beautiful and challenging.

After the run I made my way to Green River, Ut and took my first shower in a couple of days (not nearly as bad as the CT though) in the Truck Stop. I found a Wi-Fi connection at the friendly Robbers Roost to catch up with the world a bit and am now headed out to Goblin Valley, Bryce and Zion.

Enjoy the day!


adam said...

One word: JEALOUS

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