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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fun Visits

Tuesday I killed the late afternoon hanging out at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Enjoying soup in a bread bowl for lunch and popping into the Chocolate stores. For those of you who know me, I definitely have a sweet tooth. At Ghiradelli they hand out samples – yum! There was also a free museum of coin operated machines. Representations from all eras were present – I got a kick out of watching the kids play with the old time machines.

HEAVEN! Museum of coin operated machines

That night I found my way to Garett, Holly & Chief’s cute/creative home on the east side of the bay. They found a cute neighborhood and an awesome little home. Architects and home owners have to be creative in San Francisco. The houses are so close together, so making the best use of space is super important and it shows in the designs. They have a great home and a room all ready for the little one on the way. Ultrasound pictures on the fridge, crib & changing table assembled these two are ready and obviously very excited. They let me share some of my silly stories from the road over homemade pizza and we were able to share some outdoor industry scoop as well.

Garett, Holly & ??? (baby on the way!)

The next morning Chief showed me the trails at the Redwood Regional Park. Beautiful, well marked trails in a park inside the city that you would never know you were so close to it all. (reminded me of Wildwood in Portland) Chief ran great and probably ran twice the distance I did for all the doubling back that he did.

Redwood Regional Park - West Ridge Trail Redwood Regional Park - French Trail2

After the run I made my way north into Redding where I met Luanne & Max for an evening run around her neighborhood trails. She took me along the river and through some great little areas & trails that she is lucky to have so close to home. That night after a yummy dinner we jumped in the van to go check out the Sundial Bridge; the sight to see in Redding.

Luanne, Renee, Cooper, Max & Maggie

These visits are quick, but very enjoyable. I love getting to experience a piece of my friends’ lives. Everyone has been so welcoming and accommodating, I feel very lucky to have these visits as a part of my trip.


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