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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flying Around

Flying around
Since leaving Southern Utah I made my way west and enjoyed a wonderful stopover in Bishop, CA. I stayed with photographer Dan Patitucci in the most colorful home I have ever seen! awesome colors - living room to kitchen He gives most of the credit to his wife Jeanne for the creativity and time. Bishop is definitely off the beaten path with the essentials on main street, a good coffee shop – Black Sheep - in the local book store and a great bakery – The Great Basin Bakery - but the draw to and beauty of the town lying in the hills.

Dan & Kurt Dan had a photo shoot Thursday morning so I tagged along and ran while he and Kurt took care of business. I got to run out and back towards Bishop Pass for about two and a half hours. I didn’t take any pictures on the way out because I wanted to see how far I could get, but did stop for a few on the way back. Bishop Pass run The whole run I kept wondering… how am I ever going to motivate to get out and run once back in wet Seattle this winter after experiencing such fantastic running all fall?

Friday before skipping town Phil Kiddoo and I got out for a quick hour run in the White Pines. A good little loop with a decent climb (my heart rate was up there!) and nice views of town, the valley and surrounding peaks (I forgot my camera.)

That afternoon in route to Santa Barbara I stopped over in Ridgecrest for a couple of hours to visit Rick and Barb, great friends that I met through ultrarunning and caught off guard on Thursday evening with a call asking if I could stop by for a visit. Fortunately they had the day off for Veterans Day so we had a beautiful, delicious lunch complete with apple, ginger, carrot juice – yum! And toured their property. the targetIt turns out Rick is quite into archery. It didn’t take much arm twisting to get him to pull out the kit and we all took turns, with Rick’s instruction and help, at shooting the bail of hay. Barb and I used the bow they bought for the grandkids while Rick assembled his beautiful custom bow. A super fun afternoon.

I arrived late evening in Santa Barbara to stay with friends Chris, Terra & Logan again. Terra and I woke at 6 to join the last training run for the Moms in Motion group that Terra coaches. We ran the first 10 miles of the 9 Trails course – again, that race is going to be a butt kicker!

Saturday evening I flew home and was greeted at the airport by Matt; so nice to be back in the city again even though it has poured nearly the entire visit! I returned home for a final Montrail get together; Boo, Chris, Jenny & Menno organized a “Turning out the Lights” Party. It was great to see all of those faces back together again, hear how everyone is doing and see that everyone has moved on and landed in good places.

This morning it’s back to Santa Barbara then tomorrow on to New Hampshire to visit Matt and his family… hence the title – flying around.


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you think you'd run Bishop 50 in May?

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