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Thursday, November 30, 2006

a few random thoughts

I found an internet/coffee shop in Mt. Shasta after a little shopping along the street and meeting a very interesting lady who traveled a lot in her youth as well. This afternoon I’m heading up to Ashland to visit Hal & Carly and hoping that the passes are favorable for driving. Friday I’ll move on to Portland to visit a college friend/roommate, Stacy, and probably stop by the Montrail office to say hello as well. As long as the road conditions cooperate I hope to be back in Seattle sometime Saturday.

Wow! It is hard to believe that I have been at this for five months and that it is quickly coming to an end. As I drive through these cities and towns I am noticing the decorations for the holidays and can’t believe this time of year is here.
it's Christmas!
I’m having to dig in my bag past the shorts and tank tops for my scarf, hat and gloves. It is snowing like crazy in Seattle… I will get to put the snowshoes Matt bought me for my birthday to good use! I must admit I am looking forward to being in one place for a while, but I also have said that if I had another month or two I would keep at it. I love the freedom and spontaneity of this lifestyle and hope I can keep these in my day to day life as I move into the working world.

I accepted a job with Nathan and will visit their offices in Philadelphia after racing Hellgate 100k on December 9. I will begin working for them January 1st as a Promotions Manager and Tech Rep. I am excited to work with a core group, small company and stay in the industry. Nathan has been a very supportive brand of the Ultrarunning community.

This trip has helped me realize the importance of cross training. While in Seattle I have easy access to my gym, weight lifting, my bike, yoga classes and a variety of activities that compliment running. On the road most of my exercise hours are filled with running. I love the simplicity of running; all I need are my shoes, a sportbra and perhaps a handheld waterbottle and off I go. With this my body has reminded me (Patella tendonitis flared up) that I need the alternate activities to keep a balance of muscle strength. I have had to force myself into squats, push-ups, sit-ups and finding yoga classes in there various places I visit to help balance the increased running hours. It is very easy to get caught up in the ease of going for a run; the importance of keeping balance in training became very apparent. And honestly, I’ll admit I am feeling much better while running having focused on these other things.

Presidential Traverse:
Matt was finally able to post pictures and his blog about our traverse back in New Hampshire - Check it out at


Jessica Deline said...

You sure know how to keep yourself busy - in a good way. You've sure had some awesome travels this summer. Congrats on the Nathan job!

3:42 PM  
gtach said...

I hope you choose to continue your blog, because it's been an awesome ride following your adventures from the sidelines. Thanks for sharing and all the best with your new job!

6:31 AM  
olga said...

Yeah, what G. said:)
Good luck at Hellgate!

9:38 AM  

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