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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Driving North, heading home

This Trail Running Road Trip is quickly coming to an end; my plan is to be home sometime this weekend. On the way though I’m living up the last few days and squeezing in as many visits as possible.

I left the Hillyers Sunday afternoon after a relaxing post race morning and headed (at their recommendation) to Montana de Oro; a beautiful park right on the coast and about 10 miles off the 101. I arrived just in time to sneak in a 40 minute recovery run along the bluffs then settled in for the rainy night. My rain fly came in handy and kept me dry all night. Sleepy on the sore backside was a bit rough in the tent, but manageable. Bluff Trail views
The next morning I took my time rolling out of bed and camp then made my way back to the trails with 2 water bottles in hand and no real plan. I followed the Bluff Trail which lead me to the Coon Creek Trail which wound me up a canyon on a smooth, flat, runnable path. This ended up being an out and back, but on the way back I tried my luck at a spur trail – Rattlesnake Flats - and was treated to a small climb which lead me up to a beautiful view of the bluffs. I made it back to my car in about 2 hours and then went to stand in the wave ridden ocean. Not a bad morning.

coastal drive
I took the rest of the day to drive Hwy 1 into San Francisco, stopping in Monteray to kill a couple of hours along the way. Matt hooked me up with his friends Jenny & Steve who I had met while here in May for Miwok. It was great to visit with them again although brief. Jenny recommended a great yoga class this morning. Pretzel (the instructor’s name) was a contortionist preceding her yoga instruction days and lead an energizing class. After class, in my search for the local’s favorites, I asked about a good coffee shop within walking distance; with this I met a super spunky, fun-loving Suzanne who went to Tinkerbell’s coffee with me and told me all about her new business – Hopefully I can get her to put one on in Seattle.

Today I’m headed to the other side of the bay to stay with Garett and Holly Graubins. Garett planted the seed in my brain for this summer/fall road trip. It is amazing that our little chat at winter OR grew into such a great experience. I am excited to visit and share pictures from this idea that he helped me create.


olga said...

Can't believe your trip is coming to an end...have any plans for 2007 yet? Thanks for making us part of your ventures, so we could "see" and "run" places and experience races through your eyes. Will you blog when you are back?

1:21 PM  

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