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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Starting in a couple of hours!

Again up late doing last minute packing and details before taking off for two weeks. I managed to fit everything including the first 3 days worth of food comfortably in my Nathan Race Pack. The details of this amaze me and as Andy said tonight, "well we are planning everything from the calories we eat to the number of toilet paper squares we are carrying for the next 2 weeks of our lives."

So the gear list includes:
Thermarest Z-lite - this also doubles as the structure for my pack
Go-Lite shelter - I'm not sure which one yet
small sleeping bag rated at about 45 degrees (Thanks Matt!)
Patagonia Puffball Jacket (not available now - this links to the vest)
Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket
Patagonia Rain Shadow Pants
Patagonia Airius T
Patagonia Pull on sport top
Patagonia Long Haul Shorts
Patagonia Houdini
2 pair Smartwool Running Medium crew socks
1 pair Montrail Continental Divides
1 liter and 2+ liter Platypus Platy Bottles
2 Princeton Tec Pulsar lights - we won't be hiking at night much
Julbo Sunglasses
toilet paper
baby wipes
doctor bronners soap
broken handled toothbrush
broken handled Lexan spoon
MSR Titanium cooking pot - just the small one of the set
Cannon Elf camera in smallest Seal Dry bag
cat can stove - more on this once I've used it

Food: (one day will look like this)
1 Clif Builder Bar
2 Clif Bars
1 Clif Luna Bar
1 Clif Mojo Bar
1 bag Clif shot blocks
2 Granola bars
2-3 candy bars
1 dinner (couscous, angel hair pasta or mashed potato burritos)
1 dark chocolate bar (dessert!)

Starting tomorrow we have enough food/supplies for 3 days which will get us to our first mail drop in Breckenridge where we pick up 5 days supplies/food. In Salida we will pick up another 5 days worth. Final stop in Silverton where 3 days supplies/food will be waiting for us. At each of these stops I've arranged to meet with friends for help in town, perhaps showers and a place to sleep if there is room and timing allows. I will share pictures from these visits.

I need to be up at 4:30am to meet Skurka at 5am and be on the trail by 6am. The first six miles are on a paved road, so we'd like to get those out of the way before the heat of the day.
Excited to be done planning and get out there to do it!


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