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Monday, July 17, 2006

Roch at Hardrock:

I am hooked! I have attended the Hardrock 100 for 4 of the last 5 years and am finally convinced that I am ready to give this event a go. The application process starts in January, but my training and planning starts now. Pacing Roch Horton for 42 miles (15.5 hours) was inspiring, motivational and a lot of fun. The typical story-telling animated Roch transformed into a quiet, focused and driven individual when racing. He had basically a flawless race; great crewing (thanks to Catherine & Jim) with quick, efficient stops in the aid stations, he managed his eating, drinking and electrolytes perfectly avoiding any stomach issues and he paced well so that in the end he had some quads for the down hills and legs to run the last three rolling miles to the finish.

The starting lline.

On Sunday morning Dale Garland, the heart of Hardrock, shared breakfast with all of the runners, volunteers and crews and presented the finishers awards to the 81 “Hardrockers” of 2006. A couple of facts from this year’s race: first 70 year old finisher, John DeWalt, largest field ever, largest number of finishers, five people finished their 5th Hardrock and one joined the small group of 10 time finishers. For full results see This event is a gem in the Ultrarunning community as far as I am concerned, a highlight of the year and an amazing event to feel a part of.

race director Dale Garland

I am now on my way home in pursuit of finding a car, packing it up and heading back to Denver to meet up with Andrew Skurka so that we can start the Colorado Trail as planned. I need to be in Denver by the 22nd, it is going to be a busy couple of days!


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