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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NEW (to me) CAR

The advice I received from a good friend was to borrow Matt's car to start the next leg of my road trip, unless something fell into my lap. Well, the next thing I knew my friend Justin Angle called to say that he was looking to sell his 1998 Subaru Outback. After a test drive and approval from Pa (thanks for looking it over Pa!) Justin and I made a deal today and I am back on the road. My plan is to pack it up and head out tomorrow. En route I'm looking forward to a visit with Nikki Kimball in Bozeman, MT and then on to my sister's in Denver. In Denver I will meet up with Andrew Skurka and we plan to start the Colorado Trail early next week.
I have a tradition of naming my vehicle, but can't seem to find something appropriate... any ideas? (I will include a photo soon)


Mike Bitton said...

Hey Krissy, glad to hear you got some new wheels! I suggest you name the car Juan. You got it from Justin Angle, and the first two letters of his first name, along with the first two letters of his last name, spell Juan.


Mikey B

1:54 AM  

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