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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Emailing - if you email me from the link on this website PLEASE include your email address in the body of the email's text, otherwise I can not write back to you. Thanks.

I'm lying here wide awake on the same couch I slept so soundly on last night. My mind is buzzing with all of the little details I need to take care of before we start off on the Colorado Trail Tuesday morning. Andrew joined Jen (my sis), Matt (my brother in law) and I for dinner and in going over all of the calories and necessities for this trip I am honestly feeling a bit unprepared. We hit the grocery store and those of you that know me will not believe the number of candy bars I purchased this evening and now plan on eating over the next 15 days. Fortunately I will also be eating the Clif bars and Shot bloks I brought, but I didn't bring enough so am having to supplement my daily calories with the refined stuff. I'm seriously wondering how my body will respond to this influx of processed food and lack of fresh fruits and veggies. I know there are better ways to plan for this, but the ease of those concentrated calories wrapped in the small packaging is Skurka's style. I'm learning all I can and through this will figure out the things that work for me and don't, but in this learning process I am willing to try and to trust proven methods. (heck, when else will I EVER buy/eat 50 candy bars?)

I hope everyone else is sleeping soundly.


Kiley said...

Hey Krissy, I posted a comment a while back and I have a feeling that your request for needing an email address may have been slightly directed at me. If not, oh well, but here it is I cant wait to read all about your 15 day adventure on the trails. Im so jealous!!
Kiley Baxter (Ty's sis-in-law)

9:27 AM  

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